Thursday, March 08, 2007

Stupidity in america.......

EAU CLAIRE, Wis. Mar 8, 2007 (AP)— Attempts to do a movie stunt landed one man in the hospital with burned genitals and another facing criminal charges. The men were trying to do a stunt from one of the "Jackass" movies, in which a character lights his genitals on fire.
Jared W. Anderson, 20, suffered serious burns to his hands and genitals, according to the criminal complaint. Randell D. Peterson, 43, who sprayed lighter fluid on Anderson and lit him on fire, was charged with felony battery and first-degree reckless endangerment Tuesday in Eau Claire County Court.
Witnesses told police that Anderson, who was drunk, volunteered to do the stunt Sunday after watching the movie, the complaint said.
According to the complaint:
Anderson pulled down his pants and let Peterson spray him with lighter fluid. When the fire didn't catch, Peterson sprayed more lighter fluid on Anderson, splashing some on his clothing. He tried again to light the fire, catching Anderson's genitals, hands and clothes.
Anderson ran into the bathroom, jumped into the tub and put the flames out. Other guests took him to Luther Hospital, and eventually he was treated at the Regions Hospital Burn Unit in St. Paul, Minn., for second-degree burns.
Anderson told police who were called to the hospital that he didn't want anyone to get in trouble because of the stunt.
Peterson was freed on a $2,000 signature bond. He has a hearing scheduled April 16. If convicted, he faces up to 10 years in prison.
take one average cock add lighter fluid and a flame and hilarity ensues. remember kids, there were ideas before this that were turned down because....and i'm guessing here....they were too crazy. maybe its just my mind but i cant help but wonder what was considered so bad that this seemed like a good idea. heres some of the thoughts that go through my head......
1. look , just lay on your side and put your dick on the driveway and i'll run it over with my pacer
2. cmon, just put it the vice. how bad can it be?
3. dude i said the hammer not the five pound sledge.
4. try this. it looks like it will fit in the hole.
keep in mind that as you read these i actually visualized them. its kind of funny when you think about it. you imagine kids doing something this stupid but a 20 year old. now keep in mind the other guy was 43. maybe men do mature at a later age. the real regret here is that nobody taped it. thats 10 grand that was flushed. i understand the guys at youtube cried when they heard that.
i may just post one incredibly stupid human every day. god knows there are enough of them.

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Reel Fanatic said...

As much as I love the Jackass movies, I only have two words for this douche; social Darwinism .. Hopefully this means he will never be able to spread his moron seed