Monday, March 19, 2007

My plan.......

well its official. more americans have been killed in the war in iraq than were killed on 9-11. thats really a poor analogy but i dont have another so i will go with it. i am proud to say that i was against this war from the beginning. there was never any good evidence against saddam except that he was horrible to most iraqis. if we had gone in to get him for that reason i would have said ok but i knew we were getting smoke blown up our asses. if i wanted smoke blown up my ass i would stay at home with a cigar and a short length of hose.

now the question is how to get out. this isnt going to be pretty. we need to get out without leaving a vacuum there. we need to win over the youth so that they wont blow us up. i know the administration is saying to just stay the course but that only gets more americans killed. i think they lack creativity and thats where someone like me needs to step up. i'm nothing if not creative. heres my plan.....

1. just pack up and leave. apologize profusely while doing so. sure we lose some face and they will have demostrations saying how the beat the imperialist running dogs but i will make this work to our advantage........
2. leave behind a huge amount of pepsi, x-boxes, twinkies, computers and internet hookups. this will take about five years to turn their kids into our kids.....fat and lazy with no inclination to hard work.

nobody blows themself up when they can be jerking off to internet porn. nobody wears a burka on the internet. they dont even make explosive belts to fit fat american kids so after a diet of twinkies and pepsi they wont fit their kids either. this is a perfect plan. no need to use a million dollar bomb to do $30 worth of damage...we can destroy them genetically. this is so black ops its scary. you cant place bombs when your out of breath. nobody wants to train in the desert with high blood pressure.

i have mentioned this plan before but it needs to be brought up again. they muslims would be laughing at us at first but whos laughing when thewir kids cant get up off the couch. the answer is us.

over and out back to work

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