Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Please shut up..............

ann coulter is a bitch. is there really anyone (no matter what your political beliefs) that disagrees with that. cmon republicans let me here you. really let me ask...if you are a republican do you really think the democrats are out to screw you and that the republicans have your best interests in mind? let me also ask the same of the democrats. do you really think the democrats arent out to screw you? kramer said nigger and we vilified him. the black guy from greys anatomy said fag a couple of times and he was sent to rehab. ann coulter calls john edwards a fag and nobody is alarmed at all. shes a good example of why america is all off track. instead of looking at every politician (republican or democrat) and calling them what they are (liars and criminals) we call them ridiculous things and everyone laughs at the partisanship of it all. instead of everyone looking at this war as a bad move (and i think we all can see that now) for whatever reason your called anti-american if you question it at all. as long as we allow people like ann coulter and others like her to use smoke and mirrors to hide these politicians and split america up we will never get this government on track......no matter whos in charge.

lets not forget that this isnt only a republican thing. bill maher said that he was sorry that the attempt on our vice president failed. though i wholeheartedly agree with bill i cant hammer ann coulter and not say something about bill maher. now its been argued that bill was giving his opinion and ann was just making a slur but we might be cutting it close there.

i guess the bottom line here is that ann coulter is a bitch and i can only hope that if there is another attempt on cheneys life that he uses her as a shield. over and out kids


BAC said...

Ann Coulter a bitch? I thought with that long blond hair & long legs you would declare her hot! Or maybe a hot bitch at least.

shoes said...

actually her mouth ruins any hotness she might have