Saturday, March 24, 2007

The circus of heaven.......

let me give you some pittsburgh facts. pittsburgh is an old market. we have an older demographic in this county than any county in the country with the exception of dade county in florida (dade county being the worlds largest outdoor mortuary). we also are something like the fourth largest catholic diocese in the country. i guess those facts go hand in hand. old people are scared of dying so the pray to an imaginary man in the sky. ok, i'm cool with that. whatever allows you to sleep through the night is fine (i , myself, prefer guiness). the problem is that those people rarely allow you to go about your life without worrying about the imaginary guy in the sky. they so want to impose their beliefs on all of us....regardless of if we want them or not. this is where religion and i butt heads. pray to whoever you want just keep that shit at your home. stay out of the schools , workplace.....etc. you see what i'm saying.

this goes to my story for today. duquesne university is holding a conference today called "a meeting of catholic men". notice that it doesnt say "christian men" or "religious men" no, its just for the catholics. good for them. i was riding by the university on my way to work when i saw the freak show. there are cops there..naturally...along with the circus. heres are some things i saw......
1. an old lady holding a sign board that is 6' high by 3' wide. that in and of itself isnt odd but whats on the board is. a giant picture of an aborted fetus. oh, its bloody and graphic alright perfect for the family riding by with children. i'm guessing she is on the anti side of that arguement.
2. a man who looked to be in his sixties carrying a sign. whats so odd about that you ask? the sign says ..and i quote "real women wear dresses and babushkas". for those of you who are not polish a babushka is a scarf you wear on your head. only satan would want a woman running around in slacks and teasing men with their...dare i you wonder how that rule started? i'm guessing men started it because it was easier to rape women in dresses. just my guess there. but only at a mens conference could a man get away with carrying that sign.
3. anoth sixty year old man with a 10' high cross with a sign on it that stated that real catholics reject the vatican 2 mass. hey that asshole was forced to learn latin and hes going to goddamn well get some use out of it.
4. a man holding a placard that read "catholic men stop abortions". you get the feeling that catholics are really against abortion dont you. its funny that someone who cant give birth is concerned about what another person is doing with their own body. judging them if you will. as a woman said to me "when you can birth them, then you get a say in it".
and to top it all off
5. a guy in a motorized wheelchair with a headband that has a pointer attached to it.

the only thing missing is a big top, some elephants and a ringleader. the clowns are already there. it is true that men go crazy in congregations. this is not something that is strictly catholic by the way. its true of any organized religion. any time someone thinks their god is the right one and yours isnt...well...its ripe for trouble (hence the reason the cops were there). at least the promise keepers allowed anyone to come to their rallies who had recieved a bible at their AA meeting.

i so wanted to stop and ask these people some questions. i wanted to ask the old lady if she had the abortion pictures in wallet size. or one suitable for framing. or if it was a warhol (he being from pittsburgh). i wanted to ask the old guy if it would be acceptable for women to wear slacks if they pulled them up around their nipples like he was doing. i wanted to get a full size picture of the guy with the anti- abortion placard and stand right next to him with an arrow pointing at him and a a caption that read " look at this guy. think about your decision". a wanted to ask the wheelchair guy for a ride. actually when you look around at these people they are like a commercial for the pro-abortion lobby.

the reality is that i wouldnt go to this conference if the super glued my testicles to a cannon ball and shot it through the door of the auditorium. i will believe in my god and what that is is none of your business. rest assured that i will pick a god based solely upon looks. a happy god like buddha plaeses me. a religion that has a guy nailed to a cross as a symbol..does not.

get on with your day. this is shoes...over and out


Anonymous said...


Reason or situation.......number......% of abortions

not using contraception.....4,957 ...........46.40
forced to have relations......~64 ............0.6
using contraception.........5,726............53.60
contraceptive failed.......~1,808............16.9
(despite proper use),683...........100

Among women who had an unintended pregnancy in 2001,

52% had not been using a method during the month of conception.

If only people would choose to use an effective birth control,
(or two).

They wouldn’t have to make another choice……..

Cash payments for using birth control…………..

I know their are a number of people who can’t use birth control for one reason or another.

But is that true for all types of birth control,
there are many different types to choose from,
surely one to suite most every-one.

I would suggest that the number of people that can’t use any of them at all would be very small

but many use this as their reason.


If a Chemist cannot adequately fulfill his role and fill every script written by a doctor,
then he should employ someone who can or look for another line of business.

Other links of interest:

Revealing statements made by former abortion industry personnel.
These are direct quotes from men and women who worked in abortion facilities.


Anonymous said...

Oh I forgot to mention...
I am an atheist.


shoes said...

well, not everyone gets it. bruce definitely didnt. for the record i am an agnostic not an atheist

BAC said...

An imagenary man in the sky? You certainly have a distorted view of God. However, I share your views of the catholics and organized religion. I am a believer in the God that created the universe & who revealed Himself in the bible.

Jim McKee said...

Not as funny as your previous post about the Irish woman & the German. But keep trying, dude.

curmudgeon said...

How can you possibly knock organized religion when there's so much money to be made from it?

Judith said...

always tricky the subject of abortion. I personally dont believe there is a reason to have it in this day and age with STDS etc but people will get drunk and people will get raped etc etc However no matter if it offends me or not what I hate is these arseholes using shock tactics to get their message across. In the middle of Dublin city there is some dude that appears every saturday with plywood and these images of abortions taped to it and you will always see someone argueing with the dude that young children are being subjected to this terrifying image base he has. Personally Id like to make him wear the board like a cap..

Gina said...

Speaking of testicles and assorted items in that area...come look at the picture I posted in my blog today.....LOL>>>


danny said...'re kinda still around.