Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Stupidest man of the day.......

ORANGEBURG, S.C. - It might have been one of the easiest drug busts in the history of the South Carolina Highway Patrol: A car with 43 pounds of marijuana crashed into a trooper’s cruiser, authorities said.
The easy bust happened after two patrolmen parked their cars in each lane of northbound Interstate 95 near Santee early Sunday morning following a series of wrecks that had tied up traffic, Highway Patrol Capt. Chris Williamson said.
A Chevrolet Malibu going about 70 mph hit one of the cruisers, causing minor injuries to the trooper behind the wheel, Williamson said.
Officers found two large duffel bags in the trunk with 43 pounds of marijuana in plastic bags, worth more than $150,000, Orangeburg County deputy Warren Pendry said.
They also found a few marijuana cigarettes and cocaine, Pendry said.
The 54-year-old driver from Daytona Beach Shores, Fla., was charged with driving under the influence, possession of cocaine and trafficking marijuana, authorities said.
this may be the stupidest drug dealer ever. heres some rules for anyone who is going to mule some pot around the states. slow down. when traveling around with 43 pounds of marijuana in your trunk its probably a good idea to obey the speed limit. actually go just under the speed limit. cops love to search a car. doesnt anyone watch cops on fox. reminds me of one of the steelers running backs cruising through texas with 6 pounds of dope in his car. he gets pulled over for speeding. oh well, your cut. or the dallas cowboy who got caught with something like 68 pounds of dope in a van and then, while awaiting his court date, gets pulled over with 120 pounds of dope in his van. i'm sure he was on his way to a party at michael irvins house. its a wonder he wasnt caught with a half dozen illegal immigrant hookers too.

a special congratulations goes out to scooter libby who will find out what inside secrets really mean in his next home. nothing a guy named bubba likes more than a guy named scooter.

back to work kids its only hump day.

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