Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Some good news............

well i will now go against a previous post and talk about my NEW baby. he was born on tuesday april 26th @ 1:28 am. everyone is doing fine with the exception of myself.......i couldnt be more tired. ok now on to other things.

we are handcuffing small children at an alarming rate in this country. at first i thought this was crazy but after hearing more of the story i think they ought to handcuff these children and force them to sit there while they beat their parents senseless. send these children to me for two weeks and you will never need to call the police again. i will either give you back a new respectful child or i will kill them.

i keep reading these sites that have weird news from around the world. why is it that in africa and india they are always killing someone horribly for witchcraft, to help the crops or whatever fucked up reason they got. what is wrong with these people. could another sunami there be so bad. just because you live somewhere that has cable and magazines dont think the whole world is right there with you. its still the middle ages in alot of places. for christ sakes afghanistan still has war lords. please god more fire and brimstone there.

can sexual predators actually be rehabilitated. more and more i think the answer is NO. it seems anymore that every time a child is murdered its done by someone who has seerved his time for the same crime. i really think we need to cull the herd.
thats it for today. i'm too tired to write more.


Shelly said...

Congrats on the new bambino.

I think it should be worth more than one paragraph though. You're such a bloke.

Name, sex, weight... I need details.

shoes said...

liam padraig...male....6lbs 2ozs....18 1/2" long. thanks shelly