Friday, April 22, 2005

Pete Rose and the hof

well as i understand it pete rose getting into the hof is all up to bud selig. i know this doesnt look good to pete because bud selig hasnt done anything good for baseball ever. hes arguably the worst commissioner baseball has ever had. as i understand it if bud doesnt reinstate pete by november than he doesnt get on this hof ballot (his last chance). pete then has to go through the veterans committee who i understand has said it will never let him in. heres some news for pete. you broke the one universal rule in all of sports. you cant gamble on your sport. there are signs in every lockerroom in the country from college through the pros. then he lied and wouldnt own up to what he did. had he just admitted he did it he might be in the hof right now, but no, pete's way too proud for that. well pete, your arrogant ass is on the outside looking in. my god i hope he never gets in. finally baseball might be doing something right (and that doesnt happen often). you may ask "greg, what do you know about baseball, having lived in pittsburgh and not seeing a professional team in 12 years". ok fair enough. let me tell you that i have followed baseball my whole life and hate to see the mess it has become. i dont go to games anymore, not because the pirates suck but because the playing field isnt level. the small market teams really have no chance. sure a minnesota will slip in once in a while but thats an oddity. salary cap, profit sharing...these are things baseball need to get back to normal. football has it right. let it be said that when baseball was looking for a commissioner i sent my resume in (suprisingly enough i never heard back from them). i could have fixed baseball. so the bottom line is pete rose is going to be out and i'm glad.

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