Monday, April 25, 2005

Are they really sports

after a tough night of bowling my mind was racing to think of games that arent really sports.

1. FOOTBALL. this is a real sport
2.BASEBALL. this is a real sport
3.HOCKEY. i dont know if this will ever really be considered a real sport again. who knows if this will ever be played professionally. they called off a whole season. actually baseball should look into this idea
4.SOCCER. not a sport. the only equipment you need is a ball and a pair of shorts....sorry
5.BOWLING. not a sport. a sport is not something you can do while drinking and smoking
6.LACROSSE. not a sport. this is only played by snobby rich kids in prep schools that are too big a bunch of pussies to play football.
7.RACING. not a sport. for christs sake i can drive a car. four lefts fucking hard can that be. just another reason for rednecks to get drunk and screw their sisters.

let me know if there are any other sports you want me to look into.

can someone explain all the casino blogs to me. as i go from blog to blog i find a buttload of these sites that just ramble on nonsensically and highlight the words online casino. i cant tell if they are really for or against though against would be my guess. looks like something a group of baptists would do to show their outrage at gambling. as i recall from my catholic grade school teachings jesus got ripped off at the luxor and then said gambling was bad. i learned thast along time ago so i could be a little fuzzy on the details....forgive me. so i leave a really horrible message in the comment sections of these sites and actually people have posted the same back to me. of course i leave me name and those religious cowards always comment as anonymous. so if you come across one of these sites please leave a really foul message for them...i know you can uses the prayers they will say for your soul. that is unless you really have some karma you need to work off.

hey i really must have struck a chord by saying i hate blogs not written in english. i have had a few of my spanish friends comment back to me questioning my parentage. isnt it funny that their blogs are written in spanish but the comments to me are in english. JUST WRITE YOUR BLOG IN ENGLISH . hell if you want to make me crazy comment back in spanish.


Fab Fabs said...

Hola... yo creo que necesitas aprender a hablar Español si te interesa estar leyendo otros blogs... es triste que ustedes los gringos den por sentado que todo el mundo debe de hablar Ingles... y sabes que??? para tu mala suerte, ya la mayoria lo domina; malo por ti que no sabes hablar mas alla de tu lengua natal, y que puedes regocijarte de otras culturas!!!


shoes said...

see this is the kind of comment i need. not only dont i care about this person i couldnt care less about her post because it lacks english. not that i speak spanish but i think the gist of this post is that she loves my large american sex organ and would love to caress least i imagine she is saying that.thanks mitzina

BiRoTe & CaPuLiNa said...

Well, well, well... now you think it's funny that we leave here comments in English while our blogs are written in Spanish... ha ha... this is called "education", "knowledge"... something you sure lack...

What this girl wrote is a very interesting thought, but seems to be that mastering a different language other than our own native one may go beyond your basic intelligence... we at least understand each and every single word you write in English, while you can't understand what we write in Spanish... ain't it a shame?

Man, everytime you write a comment like the one you have posted here confirms that your IQ level is below of what we first thought it was... definitely one step deeper and we'll find oil!

Oh by the way... I do speak French too, so: c'est quoi la différence entre ta cravate et la queue d'un chien? la queue du chien elle cache tout le trou-du cul!

shoes said...

actually i think its funny that you get so bent out regarding a blog like mine. you area testy little spaniard arent you. congratulations on speaking french but even if you spoke ten languages you would still be ridiculous. oh and by the way of course you understand everything i write...its in english. i dont write in gibberish like spanish or french. so relax pepe and have a laugh. lifes too hard to be pissed off all the time

Shelly said...

I think the best way to tell if it's a sport is someone needs to be cut and dry how you score points. There can't be judging of artistic interpretation.

Football yes
Gymnastics no
Tennis yes
Synchronised Swimming no

Shelly said...

Oh and I think lawn bowls should be put back on the yes list. Any sport where you can drink and smoke should be encouraged.

shoes said...

dont get me wrong shelly i encourage drinking and smoking but if you can play while doing it it really isnt a sport. of course you aussies do things a wee bit different. i have seen australian rules football and we do have something like that in the states. its called assault and battery. i think i might have to drink alot before i played that game. by the way let me personally thank your country for exporting the crocidile hunter to us. what you guys had had enough of him and just set him on the worldwide curb for trash day so to speak and america was dumpster hopping and picked him up. we owe you one for that

radeglom said...

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Anonymous said...

Gangster? More like wankster.

shoes said...

spoken like a true anonymous asshole

I run cause i like it said...

HEY Shoe
Still new to this blog thing, but i have to say that your stuff keeps me laughin, but hey here is a sport for ya what about cross country.
P.S. I didnt win my race i got 13th. College is a whole nother world of competition.

shoes said...

if i can do it its not a sport....can i run , yes. is running a sport, no. besides what eqipment is involved....a t-shirt, shorts and shoes (hell those african guys dont even where shoes. also women do it....nuff said? keep runnin dude 13th is only bad if there were 12 runners.