Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Oh great.....a new pope

well what a special time for the world. forgive me if i'm not overly joyed by all this bullshit. if i have heard right our new pope was in the hitler youth and was a guard for a nazi concentration camp. now bear with me on this. i understand that he was young and was blinded by what the nazi's force fed those people but i was young when i got my divorce and within the catholic church i CANNOT be forgiven. of course he can be forgiven...i mean...cmon ...he only guarded camps where people were exterminated so i can see where my sin is so much worse. look, i really dont care what he did as a youth (i'm not jewish so my forgiveness of the young nazi's might be skewed) but i just want to point out the hypocrisy of the church. why shouldnt the church pick an old man...they are still thinking in the sixth century anyways. tomorrow i think i will point out more hypocrisy within the catholic church.


ERL said...

wait, hold up. is that true? because i seriously said to myself "oh great a nazi is pope" when i saw he was german and what year he was born [yes enormous generalization i will admit it].

shoes said...

well he did serve in the hitler youth. i have heard that he worked with an anti-aircraft group and that he was a concentration camp guard. the shit about me not being forgiven by the church for a divorce i got in my early twenties is all true

bek said...

I don't like the pope, this pope too. but this is, what I found in 'the times':
"Cardinal Ratzinger was born in Bavaria, the son of an anti-Nazi police officer. Although forced to join Hitler Youth, he was not an enthusiastic member and after a posting to Hungary during his service in the anti-aircraft corps he deserted, risking punisment by death. He was captured by the Allies, released and entered seminary with his brother George who told a German newspaper earlier this month that he 'has not got a chance'."

shoes said...

bek, that may be entirely true...i dont know . i said it was just what i heard. i really just wanted to point out the injustice of what the church will forgive.