Monday, February 04, 2008

Why wearing stilettos could boost your sex life

Wearing stiletto heels can be good for a woman's sex life, a new study has revealed.
Experts have discovered that wearing the high heeled shoes tones women's legs and strengthens pelvic muscles - decidedly improving a woman's love life.
The study said that the heels "directly work the pleasure muscles which are linked to an orgasm".
In the past stilettos have been blamed for stress factures and joint pain but now is seems that the pain may be worth the gain.

Urologist Dr Maria Cerruto, based at the University of Verona, in Italy carried out a series of tests and research on women who wore high heels.
She discovered that wearing a pair of "moderately high heeled shoes" had beneficial effects for a woman's sex life.
Dr Cerruto said: "I adore high heeled shoes and I wanted to find something positive about them and in the end I achieved my goal.
"The heels influence and work the pelvic muscles and reduce the need to exercise them.
"We now hope to prove that wearing heels during daily activity may reduce the need for pelvic exercises that are necessary to keep that part of a woman's anatomy toned and elastic."
The study involved 66 women under the age of 50 and questions were asked of their sex lives, their exercise lifestyle and their high heels.
Results were published in the journal European Urology and involved measuring electrical activity in the pelvic muscles of women when they held their feet at different angles.
Dr Cerruto discovered that women who held their feet at a 15-degree angle to the ground, the equivalent of a 7cm [2in] heel, showed up to 15 per cent less electrical activity in their pelvic muscles.
The results suggest the muscles are more relaxed when women wear higher heels, increasing their strength and ability to contract.

i often wonder how many people could be helped with the money that is spent on stupid studies. you didnt need a study, all they needed to do was ask me. as a matter of fact , from now on, just ask me. if i dont know the answer then you can have the study.


Designer Shoes Lover said...

I've read numerous articles and the associated commentary on this particular study. Apparently,
a woman can do 2 minutes of Kegel exercises and receive the same benefit in the pelvic muscle
area as walking in heels for days. Now, wouldn't it make sense to just do those exercises barefoot to avoid the injuries that can come with excessive heel use. Then, just schedule a nice night out with your mate and wear those heels to look your best. Besides, it doesn't hurt that the heels can take 5-10 lbs off your appearance making your look even more enticing!

My 2 Cents


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