Wednesday, February 06, 2008

'Deadbeat Dad' Runs for Office in Chicago

An alleged Illinois deadbeat dad whose ex-wife says he owes more than $82,000 in unpaid child support is running as a candidate for Ward 47 Republican Committeeman in Chicago, MyFOXChicago reports.
Marie Karlin said she has been trying to locate her ex-husband, Gary Karlin, after he disappeared 14 years ago. He paid her child support for a few months, but after he took off, Marie's parents had to help support her and her now 16-year-old daughter.
Every few months, she would Google Gary's name to see if she could find him, and, last month, she was stunned to discover he was running for office under "conservative" values.
"I was in shock," Marie told MyFOXChicago.
If there's one vote Gary can't count on, it's one from his ex-wife.
"I don’t trust him as far as I can throw him," Marie told MyFOXChicago.

i find this to be typical of people with "conservative values". it almost never means they have conservative values they just want you to have them. hey, i hope he wins so she can go after him for the cash.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, that office is a voluntary position, so there wouldn't have been any money involved if he had won.

An update to this story...Gary Karlin was found by a judge to be "in contempt". He is currently in jail pending his raising a $2,000 cash bond. He also has to pay $15 per day for every day he is in.

Anonymous said...

I seriously doubt that she is going to get ANY money out of him. There are several places on the internet where she defames his character. As a matter of fact, he should sue her for libel. How do you get in touch with Gary? And stop this woman from all of these lies anyway?

Anonymous said...

Here's Gary Karlin's blog -

Apparantly, Fox News didn't give him a chance to speak before the segment aired.

Marie Karlin got him fired from several jobs by placing several phone calls to his employers. She doesn't have the right to complain to the media since she interfered with his job. Maybe she should go to jail.

The First Mrs. Grimaud said...

Whoever is leaving these posts that protect some deadbeat, is worse than the deadbeat. My ex is worse than this guy. My ex is a senior intelligence agent at the NSA, who lied on his application, and never had a background check. He knew if investigators talked to me, I would tell them about his past.

When I told the Dept. of Defense, they were so embarrassed that they were scammed by this liar, they decided that the agency should cover the whole thing up. That's the sort of government you have, a bunch of cronies who cover for each other.

You people make me entirely sick. Deadbeats are deadbeats. You don't blame the victim for exposing him for what he is. I can only imagine what sort of people you are, you're ptobably a bunch of deadbeats yourselves.

Anonymous said...

The First Mrs. Grimaud said...

You can sue a deadbeat in Federal Court under Social Security Act of 1984 if you can prove fraud. My ex didn't just run out, he committed fraud too. He withheld all the information about his Federal employment in the divorce and subsequent deadbeat cases. The court never found out he had adopted 6 kids either. As long as he never appeared, he was home free. As long as I never found out, he could keep it up. Well, I found out. Now I can sue him in Federal court.

There are different circumstances in every support matter. This one is a Federal agent who just plain didn't want to support his own daughter, but he wanted to work at the highest levels of national security and run for public office. Generally, supporting your own children is an accepted requirement to call yourself a community leader.

Anybody can run for office and never be a community leader. My ex just wanted more accolades and to rise up above everybody else, to a point where he couldn't be criticized. We call those people despots, not leaders.