Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Coach suspected of relationship with player

A Desert Edge High School girls' coach has been arrested on suspicion of having a sexual relationship with one of her students over the past year, Goodyear police said Tuesday. Basketball and volleyball coach Susan Jayne Anderson, 28, was arrested Monday night at her home in Goodyear's Estrella community, police said. She is accused of carrying on an ongoing sexual relationship with a 16-year-old girl she coached, police said."We believe that this started when the student was 15," said John Rowan, a police spokesman.

probable cause statement filed Monday with the Estrella Mountain Justice Court shows Anderson told police she "chose and targeted" the victim because of the girl's low self-esteem. According to the document:• Police found phone records that showed the suspect and the victim were having daily, hourlong talks and had exchanged "thousands" of text messages since December. They were also communicating via the social networking Web site • The victim reported the suspect had taken her home after sporting events and practices, and that they had kissed up to four times on those occasions.• The victim told police she had sexual contact with the suspect on Jan..20 at the coach's home.Anderson had coached for Goodyear's Desert Edge since 2004 and passed a background check when she was hired, according to Eleanor Andersen, an Agua Fria Union High School spokeswoman.Anderson also is a first-year fitness teacher at Centerra Mirage Elementary School in Goodyear, said Cathy Stafford, superintendent for the Avondale Elementary School district. Both districts said Anderson is on administrative leave. They said there is no history of similar complaints against her.Anderson is being held in a Maricopa County jail on $18,000 bond. Rowan, the police spokesman, said a family member became suspicious and contacted police. Detectives say there could be additional victims.
i know , none of you pervs are upset because its two chicks (sorry about that if you actually are offended). for the coach this had to be like going to an all you can eat to speak.


Eric in Denver said...

It's like being by-sexual and walking into any bar and saying "Oh yeah!"

Anonymous said...

she was the jv coach i was on varsity and this was actually a hard time for all of one wanted to believe what was goin on

Anonymous said...

First I love how the media takes everything and blows it up to be something its not. The supposedly victim of this case was raped by her drunken father her mother was never around and was throwing herself on the coach. Yeah wake up and see that now a days 15 16 year olds and even 9 year olds are having sex and getting pregant. If the media didnt get so involved this wouldnt be such an issue. Know the truth before judging the issue. It was wrong but people need to wake up and see how many coaches are having relationships with athletes! The girl was grown up enough to drink party and etc she knew what she was doing but getting rejected and claiming she was going to kill herself because she was not getting coaches attention then cry wolf to a family memeber to get someone in trouble she should be punished