Monday, February 18, 2008

The following were taken from Bainbridge police reports.

Feb. 15Young drinkers: Police located a vehicle on Agatewood Road that matched the description of vehicle used in a recent theft at a Suquamish store. The 18-year-old driver appeared intoxicated but denied that he’d consumed alcohol. An 18 year-old passenger admitted she’d been drinking. She said she was feeling sick after an officer noted the vomit on her shirt. She also told police that the beer they consumed was stolen. Police took the driver, a Poulsbo resident, to the police station after arresting him for possession of alcohol under the age of 21. He was belligerent toward police, calling them insulting names and telling them they had “low level jobs.” He also dropped his pants and told police his penis “was nothing special.” He was cited and released to his parents.

you have to like a man who knows his limitations. the police said that after further review ...he was right.

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