Monday, February 18, 2008

Police get a grip on serial masturbator

Police near the southern Swedish town of Sävsjö answered to a rather unusual call on Wednesday night. A woman had notified police after she discovered a man masturbating in a stairwell.Police arrived on the scene to apprehend the naked man, placing him in their patrol car.But the man continued with his manual labour from the cruiser’s back seat, TV4 reports.During the roughly 40 minute drive back to the station in the neighboring town of Nässjö, the man continued to feel his way around, prompting police to check their records for other cases of incessant self-gratification.Police soon discovered that the man was known to authorities in the region for holding his own in different churches and other public places.

they should have drove him out to the woods and put a bullet in he back of his head. yes, of course, while he masturbated. the gene pool needs a skimmer run through it.....


Anonymous said...

Why would you think this man should die just for being a serial masturbater? That's ridiculous. He a minor sex offender of a practically victimless crime, not a serial murderer. Oh you saw some guy masturbating? The horror, the horror, he must die. What the hell?

Anonymous said...

A bullet through his head indeed.
Well, stoning to death isn't good enough for the American Taliban.