Monday, December 11, 2006

This sounds just right........

JONESBORO, Ga. -- A middle school security officer used a Taser on a sixth-grade boy to break up his fight with a girl Wednesday, school officials said.
Officials said the 11-year-old shocked twice with the device at Jonesboro Middle School weighs 200 pounds and refused to obey orders to stop attacking the girl, also 11, and the Taser was used as a last resort to prevent her from being seriously injured.
The two had been taken to the office to resolve an argument that started during lunch and spilled into a classroom.
"The male student literally jumped on the girl and started hitting her about the face and head," school district spokesman Charles White said. "He did not comply with directions to stop, and physical efforts to pull him off the girl were unsuccessful."
Both students were treated for injuries, none of them serious, White said. The boy was charged with assault and battery and was taken to a juvenile detention center, and later was released to the custody of his mother.
The officer is a city of Jonesboro police officer who carries the standard equipment of a pistol and a Taser, according to Jonesboro Police Sgt. Brad Johnson.

a 200 lb 11 year old. tasered? what happened to the old days when you would just beat him with a night stick. i long for those days. i guess making him write something 100 times is out of the question now. thank god the nuns were not allowed to use tasers when i was in school. those sadistic nuns would have run up one hell of an electric bill on me. i wonder when his parents will sue the school and police over their "out of control" child getting zapped. thank god someone was there because the little girl he was beating probably stood no chance against this animal. let him be home schooled. if it was my daughter i would be kicking the shit out of an 11 year old as we speak.

December 1, 2006 -- Long Island cops got a real high when a man phoned because his pot had been pilfered.
Suffolk Detective Sgt. Darrell Dabe said officers responded to the man's Bellport home on Wednesday to investigate a robbery report.
Michael Omelchunk, 27, vanished when the cops arrived but returned to say armed thugs had "made off with most of" his weed, authorities said.
"He admitted he was packaging the marijuana when the men with guns came in," Dabe said.
The crooks left with their arms full - but they left behind 71/2 pounds of the stash.
"The place reeked of it," Dabe said.
Omelchunk was busted and charged with drug possession

sure, smoking dope doesnt affect your judgement at all. i wonder if your homeowners will cover the loss of dope. how much would you be laughing if you were the cop who got this call. at least the cops can say an arrest was made on this case. and what self respecting drug dealer calls the police...use a machine gun like every other good drug dealer does. god helps those who help themselves. this just shows that smoking dope makes you lazy too. theres nothing i hate more than a lazy, cowardly drug dealer.

A man has been arrested after allegedly trying to force his estranged wife into an oven on Thanksgiving in front of their five children.
Martin Luther Jackson, 31, of Decatur, has been charged with aggravated assault, aggravated battery, cruelty to children and possession of marijuana after the Nov. 23 incident, said Sgt. Jodi Shupe of the Rockdale County Sheriff's Office.
Jackson and his 29-year-old wife, who have been separated since July, have five children ranging in age from 1 to 13 years old, Shupe said. Jackson apparently started fighting with his wife after she and the children returned to their Conyers home on Thanksgiving.
At one point during the fight, Jackson allegedly attempted to stuff his wife inside the kitchen oven, which had been left on to heat the house, Shupe said. The woman escaped and went to the sheriff's office with visible head injuries, Shupe said.
Investigators found Jackson hiding under a bed at his mother's house in Decatur, where he had been living since the separation, Shupe said.

who hasnt wanted to shove their wife into an oven over the holidays. maybe he was just trying to show her the self cleaning feature of the oven or how easily the racks slide in and out. maybe after smoking some dope he got hungry and she reminded him of a ham....a screaming , kicking ham. and what a way to impress the children. i'm sure the father of the year people will be wanting to speak to him .......right after the state is done with him. and again, what self respecting criminal runs home to mommy. i'd rather get caught in a whorehouse than hiding under my old bed at mommies house. you know mommy never took down the posters and little league trophies from his childhood. hes going to do well in the joint.

well kids hope your monday is going well. mine isnt but thats not your problem. now get to work

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ccw said...

That kid should have had his nuts tasered.

That is so fucking sad that the big, bad abusive man ran home to hide under his mother's bed. Why do those kind of men always end up back with their mothers?

Although, why did that woman keep having kids with the idiot?