Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Muslim stupidity on parade..........

KARACHI, Pakistan Dec 11, 2006 (AP)— More than 20,000 supporters of an Islamic alliance rallied Sunday, demanding the government withdraw changes to a controversial rape statute that they say go against Islam. Musharraf last week signed into law some amendments to the Hudood Ordinance, a 1979 law against rape that human rights activists said punished rape victims while providing legal safeguards for their attackers.
The ordinance required a rape victim to produce four witnesses in court to prove her assault claim. Under the new amendment, judges can choose whether a rape case should be tried in a criminal court where the four-witness rule does not apply or under the Islamic ordinance.
The new law also drops the death penalty for sex outside of marriage. The offense now would be punishable with five years in prison or a fine of $165. Human rights groups have hailed the amendments but Muslim groups claim the changes go against Islam. Opposition Islamic groups have held a series of protests against the new law since it was passed by Parliament last month.

i know that rape is no laughing matter (unless your raping a clown) but this story got to make you laugh. if this doesnt make you laugh at the islamic faith then nothing else will. what this boils down to is that these people are protesting to regain their right to rape women. bottom line thats all it is. i'll debate any muslim on this . i dont think i would rape someone in front of four witnesses unless i could count on them to back my story. about dropping the death penalty for sex outside marriage...well , do you realize how many camels would be killed each year. $165 or five years in jail? that amounts to $33 per year. can you pay $99 and go to jail for two years? no wonder these countries arent third world....they're fourth world. all the women should just get up and leave. imagine a country full of just men. gayiety would ensue for sure. you think they're pissed off now? imagine the possibilities then. the best thing the united states could do is give them free internet. nobody has a jihad when they can rub one out to good old red, white and blue american porn. it is the one thing we do better than anyone (including the japs and germans). we may not be able to build a really good car anymore but we will always have that.

11 shopping days to xmas. get to work. the economy needs your cash.


DaveFash said...

Hey -- you sound like me. See my blog at and let me know what you think!!


smash said...

a funny comment of yours on the bastardly lead me here.

One of the many millions of problems with Islam also lies in the women CHOOSING to continue to be a Muslim. I know women are subjugated, and are taught since birth that they are inferior to men, but bottom line is (given adequate, or even less than adequate mental faculties) they still have the choice. My grandmother was born and raised in Egypt but left because she made that choice.

Anyway I enjoyed your post.

Redneck Scottsdale Princess said...

Gaiety has already ensued. The boys are kept away from women and basically told NO TOUCHIE, but arent discouraged from fondling one another.

It's gross man.

redneck scottsdale princess said...

Meh, Boys kept away from girls...

Anonymous said...

Tagging Mr. Pissed.

Mom of Three said...

I think any moderate group is pretty benign. But extremists of any kind are moronic and Islam is an even more flawed religion than most (there are some more, don't get me wrong), in that those who are true adherents believe that they may not, under any circumstances, criticize Islam. Therefore, it can never change. The extremists must also believe that women are shit AND that anyone who is not a Muslim will either convert or die.

I don't want to fight anyone. I can only hope that there is some sort of Darwinistic thing going on in that the dumbest ones are blowing themselves up and marching off to kill the infidel, and the ones with two brain cells or more to rub together aren't, thus enabling the attacks to burn themselves out due to lack of live participants.

Read "Woman at Point Zero". From a woman's perspective. Very powerful.

She, of course, can't walk around freely in the extremist Muslim world.