Thursday, December 07, 2006

Stupid is as stupid does......

SCOTTSDALE - A gunman who allegedly held up a bank was arrested minutes into his getaway attempt after he unwittingly tried to drive into Scottsdale police headquarters.Randall Todd Wagner is suspected of handing a demand note to a teller at Bank of America, 3123 N. Scottsdale Road around 10 a.m., shortly before fleeing onto Indian School Road,police said. Wagner, 39, was arrested after he momentarily tried to turn his Ford Taurus into Scottsdale's Witzeman Public Safety Building, at Indian School and Granite Reef roads - a building swarming with uniformed police and fire personnel for a public dedication ceremony.
Wagner was pulled over near Indian School and 87th Place, two blocks from headquarters, by Scottsdale police Lt. Steve Yturralde."The guy looked like he was going to turn into the ceremony, and I think he changed his mind," Scottsdale police Sgt. Mark Clark said.It took less than 10 minutes to find and catch Wagner, Clark said. He was taken into custody without incident. A handgun and cash were found inside the Taurus."He knew he was caught," Clark said. "He made the smart decision and just gave up."

he made a smart decision? must of been his first that day. apparently it not like the movies where the criminal plans out every step of the heist, taking into account any variables, then pulls it off without a hitch. he wont be in oceans 13 if you get my drift but he will have a really funny story to tell in prison during the almost continuous anal rapes.

BARBERTON, Ohio -- A Barberton man with 18 DUI convictions could be on his way to becoming Ohio's worst drunken driving offender.
NewsChannel5's Jonathan Costen reported that the number of convictions against 51-year-old Jess Brown could go up with pending cases in Akron and Barberton.Brown was arraigned Wednesday on charges stemming from the collision in Barberton.Police said Brown was drunk at the time of the collision. In fact, authorities said that if he's convicted on the Akron case, a Barberton DUI would make 20 convictions, a state record.
Barberton Police Chief Michael Kallai said Brown simply has no regard for others.Brown is being held on a $50,000 bond. His next hearing is set for December.
Kallai said he suspects that once a judge sees Brown's record, he will be kept in jail for a long time.

lets see what record do i want to set. you think as a small boy this was his dream. i'm sure its a proud moment for his family. see and you thought jess would never accomplish anything. he showed them. lock him up and throw away the key. only through incredibly dumd luck haas he not killed anyone ....yet. i guess he will need to wipe out a family before hes put away.

LORAIN, Ohio (AP) - A former Roman Catholic school principal accused of kissing three male students' feet has pleaded not guilty to misdemeanour charges of sexual imposition.
Robert Holloway, the former principal at St. Anthony of Padua School in Lorain, entered the plea Monday. He also pleaded not guilty to charges of unauthorized use of public property.
Police Sgt. Mark Carpentiere said foot fetish material was found on two school computers seized from Holloway's office, despite the educator's claims he did not have a foot fetish.
Holloway, 50, resigned as principal in the spring after the 14-year-old students and their parents reported the foot-kissing to police.
The principal told authorities that the kissing was pay-up for a bet over a student-teacher volleyball game. He paid each student $15 and kissed their feet 50 times in the school's library and gym.
Holloway's lawyer, Carmen Roberto, would not allow his client to speak to reporters after the hearing.

what was the bet. how many times he could blow a 14 year old? and he lost? is this something you want out in public . shouldnt he just do the honorable thing and kill himself. and what kind of kid would let the principal kiss his feet 50 times. ok, sure i would have let some principal/teacher kiss my feet just to humiliate them but 50 times.....i dont think so. and you just know tongue was involved. in defense of the students i'm sure the $15 went towards the keg party that weekend.

some funnies to get you through thursday...i know i need it. now get to work.


curmudgeon said...

Damn! I would have let the pricipal lick my toes for $5.
But of course back then, a loaf of bread was only $___ and a gallon of milk was only $___.

Mom of Three said...

For heaven's sakes: Can't you lock a DUI up and throw away the key after FIVE convictions???? I say the judges are worse than he is!

My feet are in such bad shape that I'd take the $15 and get a pedicure...

Glamourpuss said...

I quite fancy a foot fetishist - he'd buy me shoes and pedicures and get off on the results.

Actually, no I type it, I'd marry a man like that.


Steven Novak said...

Gives you a little hope for the future of humanity, no? ;)