Wednesday, December 06, 2006

And i only thought it would make you go blind.....

BEIJING (Reuters) - A 14-year old Chinese boy killed himself after running up a bill of 1,800 yuan ($230) calling phone sex numbers, the official Xinhua news agency said on Saturday. Li Hongbin, from a village in poor northwestern Gansu province, dropped out of school last year and began calling the expensive hotlines in August.
He committed suicide by drinking pesticide after a telephone company clerk called at the family home asking for payment.
The longest conversation listed in a 16-page phone bill went on for over four hours, Xinhua said.
Calls cost three yuan a minute, Xinhua cited the head of one service as saying. The average monthly cash income of Chinese farmers is just 300 yuan.
Phone sex services have been proliferating in recent years, with adverts in local telephone directories and newspapers, but Beijing is also attempting to crack down on pornography with a campaign that includes monitoring phone sex lines.

a woman that works with me had a son that ran up $900 in phone sex charges......on her credit card. she defended him saying that he wouldnt do that. the correct answer is "sure he would". ladies just assume that when your not around we are masturbating. its one of the few things we dont have to look our best to do. if god didnt want you to masturbate he would have made a computer mouse that needed to be used with two hands. its what we , as men, do best. and dont pretend you ladies dont do it either. i've seen the ads where the woman is holding this vibrator to her shoulder trying in vain to convince us that shes using it on her shoulder. yeah right. i'm not falling for it. that thing is shaped like a penis for one go where a penis should go. you virgins can think of it as captain kirk (you'll get that one soon or have someone explain it to you). is a $230 bill reason enough to kill yourself. in a sure your ashamed of it (by it i mean getting caught, not the act) but you'll get over it. so will the folks. kick them your next paycheck and get on the internet like everyone else. internet access is cheaper than the phone sex service that kid was using.

well kids i need to run. i;m going to call my answering machine and leave a filthy message for myself. the rest of you....get to work.


Glamourpuss said...

Wanking. A subject close to my heart. We girls just let you boys think we're too demure to play, but hwile you're hunched over the computer, we're sitting on the washing machine during a fast spin cycle...


mist1 said...

Of course you're masturbating when we're not around. That's why we dress like this.

Mom of Three said...

Somebody just needs to invent a device worn on the male unit that plugs into a USB port. They'd make a fortune.

shoes said...

glamourpuss: i'd like to see that (no really , i would)

mist: i'd really like to see how your dressed. i am imagining garters and really good perfume

mom: lets invent it. think of the savings ...being able to maasturbate while typing with two hands. i'm giddy with excxitement