Sunday, August 13, 2006

What is wrong with us.......

i'm watching tv when it occurs to me that all there is to watch now is sports and reality shows. people used to say that shows like nypd blue and the west wing were too smart for america....and they may be right. the flavor of love is just some whores humiliating themselves trying to get a retarded midget with a huge clock on a chain to pick them so there fifteen minutes arent up. celebrity fat club is just some out of work d listers who put on some tonage while they havent been working humiliating themselves just trying to get fifteen more minutes. whats the common denominator.....people willing to humilate themselves to get fifteen more minutes. the term celebreality has been coined. if your on one of those shows you are not a celebrity. the one that got my goat right now is america got talent. i think that it should be retitled "america doesnt have near as much talent as it thinks" but someone pointed out to me that it might be better titled america got talent with a question mark. "america got talent?". its very good but i'm sure thats way too subtle for most people. anyway this show is akin to the gong show (which suprisingly didnt take itself as seriously) in that it rolls out half assed acts and then rates them. the judges fit the mold that all these shows use now. it has one mean spirited english guy, one woman that loves everyone (no matter how inane the act is) and another retarded guy. in this case its the hoff. by the hoff i am refering to david hasselhoff. my apologies to retards everywhere. as i watched the show i saw them actually hammer a few acts that were remotely talented but the fawned over .......rappin granny. rappin granny is an old black woman that wears an old granny dress and tries to rap. she is to rap what the hoff is to pop music (by that i mean that the germans would love her but she sucks). she keeps getting passed through and at first i said that if she wasnt black she wouldnt have made it at all....but i am reconsidering that. i think any old crone they would have tossed up there with that act would have made it. suffice to say she wouldnt have won on the old gong show. shes in the finals and dont be suprised if she wins. what does this say about america. it says that "america got talent?".

enjoy your monday. i think i'll go to the mens room now and masturbate while thinking about winning the lottery.

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BAC said...

Working on a Sunday night? You actually watch "reality" shows? You are in worse shape then I thought.