Saturday, August 05, 2006

Conflicts between faith and reason.....

i was flipping through some tv shows the other night when i came acrosssomething new to me. the colbert report had on bill donohue. if you are not familiar with bill donohue (and i wasnt) hes the mouthpiece for the catholic league. if you arent familiar with the catholic league (and i wasnt) you should be. the catholic league is to catholics what the jewish defense league is to jews. or it should be. the catholic league promotes itself as being for "religious and civil rights". being a catholic (albeit not a very good one) i'm suprised i never heard of it. maybe this group is only for the very devout of the faith (of which i am not). actually what it seems to me they are for is to stop anyone from putting down the catholic church and to go after the competition (ie: other religions).
their website has alot of interesting articles. one of my favorites is the many stories that point out what a great pope pius the twelth was. for those who dont remember history he was the pope who turned a blind eye towards the nazis as they exterminated jews (or as the church likes to call them ...the competition). they also have a very nice tirade against the tv show south park. apparently those guys showed an episode that showed a statue of the virgin mary spraying blood from her vagina onto a picture of pope benedict the sixteenth...or as i like to call him poep nazi. they are mad because the guy that they had cowed at comedy central, who had promised not to show it ever again, left and the new guy is beholden to the catholic league. i guess being for civil rights doesnt apply to free speech.
my favorite though is their outright forgiveness and ability to stand behind mel gibson. you might remember mel as americas favorite drunk driver and anti-semite. sure his apology (which was written for him by his publicist) was, as they state, "a model of contrition". they point out that mels enemies lack forgiveness. i cant understand those people. mel put out a movie where it shows the jews killing christ, he has said in an interview that the holocaust is a numbers game, his father spews hate and says the holocaust never happened...etc. why wont they forgive him?
in retrospect the catholic league isnt for justice and understanding and civil rights its about a very wealthy institution trying to intimidate people. i do encourage everyone to go to their site and see what they spew though. its

please allow me to keep everyone straight on these things. i do so enjoy pointing out bullshit on this level. and as always remember ...hes your god, they are your rules, you burn in hell.


Jean said...

do ya think......just possibly.... that Mel might be a LARGE contributor to the Catholic church???.....they loves them their moneys, ya know.

As always... Rachael said...

I saw bumper stickers the other day that reminded me of you. One said: "Please Jesus, save me from your followers" and the other said, "I have no problem with God... I just can't stand his fan club."

Mel Gibson is an asshole... there's a sticker I would proudly display! I should have some of those printed up and sell them.