Friday, August 25, 2006

Random thoughts............

pluto will always be a planet to me. i grew up knowing that there was nine planets and i'm not going to change because some eggheads dont like the size of the ninth. planet, dwarf planet, asteroid....who cares. why dont the scientists get together and cure cancer. the world isnt as bad as we think when this is the burning question of the day. and isnt this just like bullies....always picking on the smallest one. that little planet has heart. well to hell with them lets all get together and just keep refering to the solar system (which is still the best solar system and to say otherwise would be anti american) as having nine planets. lets not lose pluto.

debra lafave is going to be interviewed by matt lauer. you might remember her as the incredibly hot teacher who slept with an underage student. i cant think of too many teachers i would have liked to sleep with but she would have been one. this kid wasnt traumatized...hes still bragging about tapping her. you just know matt lauer will screw this up. he wont ask good questions. let me interview this broad and we would get a great story.

john mark karr (how come all these psychos have three names) says hes a "sex freak". i dont know if he killed jon benet but i know one thing.....hes guilty of something. he has that look about him. lets just fry him up quick and get past this. hes getting his fifteen minutes and thats more than he deserves.

in louisiana a bus driver made black students sit on the back of the bus while he reserved the choice front seats for white kids. this understandably upset some people. let me now explain the only times that racism is ok. blacks cant swim. i only had to watch joe frazier try to swim during a superstars competition in 1973 to realize that. stick to running and jumping. white kids shouldnt rap. millions try and only one is good...eminem. vanilla ice , k-fed......they suck. you know it, i know it, now everyone knows it. pull your pants up, turn your ball cap around and stop rapping. the world will be a better place.

ok, i need to start working now. have a good weekend everyone. hey, and while your here...leave a message. i like to hear from everyone.


BAC said...

Poor Pluto! Next thing you know Mickey will disown him. That Karr sure has a creepy look about him. I wish everyone would quit rapping - it makes me ill. Work - the curse of the drinking class.

curmudgeon said...

I agree with you on all but one thing: Eminem. Rap sucks ass no matter who does it. Eminem included.