Friday, August 04, 2006

Office obsevations..........

i stopped as i usually do at the bp station first thing in the morning for my paper and morning fill of sarcasm from the manager. she pointed out ,sarcastically i might add, how she loves her job. then another customer laughed and said she "really" loved her job. it occurred to me that nobody i know really loves their job. i dont know anyone who wakes up and says "wow, i cant wait to get to work today". i know i dont. every day its harder and harder for me to pull my tired ass out of bed and crawl into this swirling, sucking eddy of despair that i call a job. this place sucks more than a stripper in the champagne room trying for a big tip. my boss is the cowardly lion, our bookkeeper is like dustin hoffman in rainman...only hes not good with numbers, the sales manager is just biding his time to retirement.....well you get the story. i look forward to my boss going on vacation so i can malign my own work for a week. so as i sit in my office, waiting for the warm embrace of deaths steely grip, i wonder if anyone loves their job. i start to think of the perfect job and how those people hate it. you know there is some baseball player who is thinking that he cant believe hes playing a kids game for 200k a week. he cant believe that that he walks out onto the grass under the sun for less than 400k a week. you know the photographer from playboy is trouble getting motivated to snap pictures of gorgeous naked women. "if i have to put rouge on one more set of light pink nipples i'm going to shit" he would say. or maybe not. i wouldnt. at least i have a office and i'm not stuck in a cubicle. i was trying to explain to my genius 10 year old son what prarie dogging is. i thought it would be nice to scare him about work at an early age. this should hopefully inspire him to do well in school and own his own business. at least then the retarded rules would be his own.

well enjoy your day in your office/cubicle/desk in the middle of the fucking room. the weekend will soon be here and the drinking can begin.


BAC said...

Great blog! For the majority of people it is sad, but true that they hate their job. However, I'm someone you know who loves their job. I look forward to going to work even on Mondays, but I still love the weekends too. My current goal is to work till I'm 75.

curmudgeon said...

Sorry, but I like my job. It is a good job.
Don't get me wrong, I would rather not have to work in the first place, but if I have to work, this is a good place to do it.

On that note, it's almost Miller Time.

As always... Rachael said...

Well, look who's back? I was worried you'd given up for good. I don't "work" but I still hate my job. It'd be a great gig if it weren't for the kids and the plethora of chores that acompany them.

I wanna be a bartender.

By the way, what's prairie-dogging?

shoes said...

ah rachel, its always a pleasure to see your name in my comments. i will never give up as long as people like you will come read. prarie dogging is when you stand at the edge of a sea of office cubicles and watch workers poke their heads up like prarie dogs.