Thursday, December 06, 2007

Two Pasco men arrested over $12 bar tab

New Port Richey, Florida – Two Pasco county men were arrested Monday night for allegedly refusing to pay a $12.25 bill.
According to police reports, Christopher Herbert of Port Richey and Jerry Campbell of Hudson spent the evening at Jilly’s Tavern on the 5300 block of Main Street in New Port Richey.
Jule Clark, a head bartender at the tavern, says their combined $24.50 bill included a total of eight mixed drinks.
“They were all Rum and Cokes,” Clark said.
When asked to pay, Clark says the men refused. After four opportunities, the bartender decided to call police.
Herbert and Campbell were arrested and booked at the Land O’Lakes jail, each facing a single misdemeanor charge of defrauding an innkeeper.
But apparently, they weren’t completely out of cash. Each came up with $150 to bond out of jail.

why didnt they just pay the bill, they never been in jail? they look like two real classy guys.....

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