Thursday, December 06, 2007

Police: Teen Pulled Heists, Kept Curfew

Police: Indiana Teen Says He Robbed Businesses, but Kept His Curfew and Attended Church

A teenager says he held up a dozen businesses in part to get "gas money" but made sure the heists wouldn't make him miss curfew or church on Sundays with his mom.
Justin T. Veal, 18, was jailed on a felony robbery charge after being arrested last week in a liquor store holdup.

He told detectives he robbed about a dozen businesses of an estimated $10,000 this year for "money to fix his car, to buy jewelry, to keep up with everyone else," Indianapolis police Sgt. Kerry Buckner said.
Veal said in an interview at the Marion County Jail that he watched the clock, making sure he finished the robberies in time to make it home before the 1:30 a.m. curfew set by his mother.
"Curfew is 1:30. Her rules, her house. Make it in by 1:30," Veal told television station WTHR Wednesday.
Police say Veal stayed close to home for several of the robberies and that while he had a weapon in each of the holdups, no one was injured.
"He didn't do a robbery on Thanksgiving and he never did a robbery on Sunday because his mother made him go to church every Sunday," Buckner said.
Veal says he was desperate for extra money.
"I had just got hired to two new jobs and really, I just needed some gas money," he said. "It was the easy way. Sometimes you never think you're going to get caught."

now who says that kids these days arent motivated to do well. thank god that hes a good church going young man...........

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