Friday, December 07, 2007

Police: Woman made up sex assault

A woman who said she was sexually assaulted by a robber in Little Havana in October made up the story because she ''was undergoing marital problems,'' police said Wednesday.
Adriana Velasquez, 28, who had recounted her story in a teary press conference last month, was charged with filing a false report with law enforcement.
Velasquez had claimed that on Oct. 28, as she opened up the family's Little Havana business, two men robbed her. One cut off her clothes and sexually assaulted her -- stopping only because she had pressed an alarm, she claimed.
She had even given detectives a detailed description of the attacker: He had a dime-size mole over the left side of his mouth and a tattoo on his forearm that read ``Love Mom.''
Detectives began realizing that the story didn't add up when they failed to get tips after the press conference. They had also rushed DNA swabs to the lab. Samples came back negative.
''It seems to be a cry for attention. But her cry for attention violated the trust of the police, the media and the public,'' Miami police spokesman Bill Schwartz said.
She admitted to making up the story about the sexual assault, even though she insisted she had been robbed. Detectives don't believe her.

does that mugshot say it all?

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ccw said...

What the hell does "undergoing marital problems" have to do with making up that tale? I guess she was wanting sympathy from her husband but couldn't she have found that without involving the police, state, etc? Dumb ass.

That mug shot is priceless.