Thursday, October 19, 2006

Rove is at it again........

i know the part line (by party i'm refering to the republicans....duh) is to say that everything is just going great in iraq. those crazy iraqis are just feelin their oats. this will all die down. mission accomplished......right? the insurgency is broken. i guess this is just to keep the republican faithful happy. these reports are like prozac to them. well heres a little gem. october is shaping up to be the worst month for american soldier deaths since november of "04". at least 11 american troops were killed in a thirty hour period ending yesterday. that brings the total to 70 for the month so far. bush said that the recent uprising, coming as it has during ramadan, could be the equivalent to the tet offensive. that bears repeating .....THE TET OFFENSIVE. all of you republicans that got mad at me for saying that baghdad is the iraqi word for vietnam owe me an apology. this is your retarded leader admitting that we are mired in an unwinnable war. thank you very much. these deaths bring the total in this war to 2783. bush is treating this like he gets a prize at 3000. i hope this election will get congress back for the democrats...we can get the white house next election.

now seeing as this is coming up on an election its time for the republicants to start playing some games. the first game i suspect is terrorist warnings. this isnt new...they used it last election every time kerry went to speak. level orange one day, level red the next. it stopped after the election if you havent noticed. now someone has gone on the internet and threatened to explode bombs at football games. i suspect we will have a level orange by next week. this will allow the republicants to say that the terrorists are in our back yards and if we vote democrat they will run into your house and set off a dirty bomb. in fact the only thing keeping the terrorists from your kids is a republicant vote. BULLSHIT. to steal a great line from a movie the only thing the republicants are good at right now is telling what to be afraid of and whos to blame. there are no solutions there. now i dont know if any dems have great solutions but i'm willing to give them a chance. this failed expirement of an administration hasnt helped us at all (unless your an oil company or haliburton).

now anyone who thinks that i'm unamerican or a pussy can come tell me directly. being against this war doesnt make you weak. it doesnt make you like terrorists. it doesnt make you less of an american. as a matter of fact standing up is way american. dont be one of the sheeple this election day. lets get our boys out of harms way. lets use the money we are wasting over there to really fight terrorism. if you dont vote this election day than dont bitch when your drafted.

ok, i'm done ranting. now lets see some comments


BAC said...

As usual you make some good points. The fallacy is thinking the dems have solutions. The dems are politicians too and I have'nt seen any worthwhile solutions or plans from them. I guess the lesser of 2 evils is to let them try.

shoes said...

you may paraphrase me if you like buts thats exactly what i said. its time to give someone else a chance