Thursday, October 26, 2006

Maybe the founding fathers had it right...........

Nicaragua's legislature is expected today to approve a tough law that outlaws all forms of abortion, including those procedures intended to save the life of a pregnant woman.
The measure has been supported by most major political parties ahead of the Nov. 5 presidential election, as they seek to win over voters in this overwhelmingly Roman Catholic country. Leaders of the Catholic Church in Nicaragua helped draft the bill and have mobilized followers to support it.
Since the late 1980s, two other Latin American countries have adopted similar measures — El Salvador and Chile. At least 34 countries, mostly in Africa and the Middle East, prohibit all abortions, without exception, according to the Center for Reproductive Rights, a U.S.-based nonprofit advocacy group.
The new law would establish prison sentences of six to 30 years for women who abort their pregnancies and the doctors who perform the procedure
Women's groups in Nicaragua charge that the proposed law is a cynical preelection ploy that panders to the influence of the Catholic Church. The text of the law, they note, is almost identical to a church proposal drafted this year.
"The worst message of this proposed law is that the lives of women don't matter to this president, or to the government or the church," said Marta Maria Blandon, Central American director of Ipas, a U.S.-based reproductive rights group.
Ambassadors from some of the countries that donate millions of dollars in aid to Nicaragua, including Sweden and Finland, wrote to the legislators this week urging them not to rush to approve the measure. Nicaragua is one of the poorest nations in the hemisphere and depends heavily on foreign aid.

congratulations to the catholic church. they are going to get some uneducated third world people who dont have a pot to piss in and live in a horribly overcrowded country to vote for a law that will make them poorer and the country even more overcrowded. thats not the concern of the church as long as those kids are all raised catholic and give the church some money. the priests dont live in squalor..i guarantee that.
According to the World Development Indicators Database (2001) Nicaragua is a low-income country with an average Gross National Income (GNI) of less than US $745 per person. that bears repeating.....$745 per year. the catholic church should be selling off some of their priceless artifacts to help these people instead of forming laws. i wonder if the church is taxed there. by the way $745 per person per year makes them a low income country (no shit) while Bolivia, Guatemala and Honduras are lower middle-income countries with a GNI per person ranging from US $746-2,975.
wow, arent they lucky.
and who wouldnt want their country mentioned in the same vein as countries in africa and the mid east. those arent third world coutries ....they are fifth world.
this all goes back to my belief that the catholic church hates women and that they have no right meddling in the business of government.

ok, its thursday. get on with your work. as usual comments are always welcome.

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Blade90 said...

Sad to hear that the Catholic Church has such a stronghold on these countries. I heard a comic say the other day that Catholics don't read the Bible, they read the church "bulletin". They want to know who died and what's for lunch. If they could only be so harmless.