Thursday, October 12, 2006

More weird stories.............

they just keep coming............

Woman Dedicates Her Virginity to Jesus
She stood at the altar in a white gown and veil, but she was there for no earthly man. Lori Rose Cannizzaro was dedicating her virginity to Jesus.
Saturday's rare Catholic ceremony, one her own pastor didn't know existed, turned the 42-year-old into a "consecrated virgin." Fewer than 200 women in the United States and 2,000 worldwide have declared their perpetual virginity this way, according to U.S. Association of Consecrated Virgins.
"There are people who think I'm nuts," Cannizzaro said. The ceremony was a revival of one of the church's oldest rituals.

i'm sure that if we checked miss cannizzaro would be a raving beauty...........not. i'm betting only the very ugly or the deformed are taking part in this little ceremony. is there anyone that is suprised that this is a rare ceremony? so i guess dog faced women all over the world can forget their concerns about not getting married. thanks jesus.

1. George Steinbrenner rumored to own 52% of company that sells "Yankees Suck!" t-shirts
2. Playoff bonuses would have pushed Alex Rodriguez into too high of a tax bracket
3. Yankees were unable to sign or trade for David Ortiz, Manny Fernandez, Albert Pujols, Carlos Delgado, Jermaine Dye, Alfonso Soriano, Ichiro Suzuki, Jim Thome, Frank Thomas, and Troy Glaus in the off-season
4. Johnny Damon secretly replaced in Game 2 by actor Matt Damon
5. George Castanza's suggestion of breathable cotton uniforms seriously backfires
And Five More...
1. Jason Giambi refused to share steroids with any of his teammates
2. Detroit Tigers tricked the Yankees by playing devious "fundamental baseball"
3. Not enough Yankee members bought into the old Babe Ruth system of breaking curfew, boozing, and womanizing
4. 9/11
5. $200 million dollar payroll just doesn't buy what it used to

its funny. they deserve everything they get. keep trying to buy a championship and i hope this happens every year. believe me =, there are more people that dislike the yankees because of their spending than like them.

ps: bad break with cory lidle but with that in mind two people called me immediately with jokes
1. i heard he was traded to the angels
2. you know a-rod wasnt in the plane because he cant hit anything in october
wildly inappropriate but yet i still laughed.

A coalition of religious leaders made a moral case Tuesday for legalizing the sale and possession of up to 1 ounce of marijuana for adults in Nevada while stiffening penalties for sales to youths and driving under the influence.
At least 33 members of the clergy have endorsed ballot Question 7 on the November election ballot, which if approved would make Nevada the first state in the nation to allow people 21 and older to legally possess small amounts of marijuana and purchase it at government regulated and state-taxed pot shops.
The clergy argued the move would cut down on minors' access to marijuana, reduce gang-related violence and generate money for the state to help finance treatment programs instead of making drug dealers rich.

does anyone under the age of fifty really think pot is so bad? is smoking a joint worse than drinking some beers? take it from a guy who has done both....theres no difference. ok theres one, i piss less with the joint. they should legalize it and make it like beer. you must be a certain age to get it, you cant drive under its influence....etc. legalize it and tax it. something has to pay our huge war deficit. of course once you let the government in charge of growing pot than the quality will go right down the tubes.

all right america, get back to work.


BAC said...

Good stuff today! Keep up the good work!

Mom of Three said...

No. Nobody under 50 thinks pot is that bad, unless they haven't tried it. I think there are fewer of those than Brides of Jesus.

That's why I'm about Obama all the way. He didn't pussy out and say he "didn't inhale". In his autobiography, he admitted to trying some "blow." Not cocaine, but "blow."

Shoot, that's more honesty than I've heard from any politician.