Monday, June 01, 2009

Meet a hero

Dr. George Tiller was shot and killed while serving as an usher at his Wichita, Kansas, church Sunday morning, according to police. Tiller was one of the few U.S. physicians who still perform late-term abortions. He had survived a 1993 shooting outside his clinic.

Tiller had practiced medicine for nearly 40 years, said Peter Brownlie, president of the Kansas City-based regional Planned Parenthood office.
The doctor and his staff had been picketed for years, with some activists distributing leaflets around his neighborhood, Brownlie said. His clinic suffered serious damage from a bomb in 1985, and he was shot through both arms in 1993 by an anti-abortion activist who is now in federal prison. Fifteen years ago, Tiller's name appeared atop a "hit list" that was circulated among pro-life militants, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Witnesses provided a description of the gunman's car and a license plate number, said Wichita police spokesman Gordon Bassham. Police stopped a blue Ford Taurus matching the description about three hours later in Gardner, about 30 miles southwest of Kansas City, and arrested the driver.

Scott Roeder, 51, from the Kansas City, Kansas, area is being held without bond in the Sedgwick County Adult Detention Facility, according to the sheriff's office Web site. In addition to the murder charge, he also faces two counts of aggravated assault. Police said they believe he acted alone.
"This is a tragedy for the Tiller family. We feel so badly about that," Clarence Roeder, the suspect's uncle, said in a statement provided to CNN affiliate KMBC. "That Scott would murder the doctor in the Lutheran Church. We are also Lutherans, and it adds a double touch of sadness and irony."


A man named Scott Roeder was convicted in 1996 of criminal use of explosives and sentenced to 24 months probation, Topeka, Kansas, authorities told CNN.
Around that time, Regina Dinwiddie, a 54-year-old grandmother, met Roeder and got to know him as a regular outside abortion clinics, she said.
Dinwiddie said that in 1996 she and Roeder were protesting at a Kansas Planned Parenthood center and that Roeder went inside and demanded to see the doctor. When the doctor came into the lobby, Roeder approached him and said, "Now I know what you look like," she told CNN.
"Scott came out and told us that he had done that, and we all said, 'Scott, you better leave or they are gonna get after you,'" Dinwiddie said. "Next thing, all these people come rushing out of the place, all worried. Scott was standing up for what he believed in."
"Absolutely, what happened to Tiller was justified," the grandmother said. "He [Tiller] forfeited his life by taking the lives of innocent children."
this doctor was a hero. i know, i'm going to hell (see ya there). ok, i get it, your against abortion. you shouldnt be killed for it just as this doctor shouldnt be killed for what he did. it was legal. i know that you might think that your invisible "guy in the sky" is against it but wasnt one of the commandments that he preached though shall not kill. i dont remember any fine print on the tablets. didnt he also say judge not lest ye be judged? i ,on the other hand , am not beholden to any imaginary "guy in the sky" so i think that when one makes a stink around the water hole that you just club him and get on with your life. scott roeder should be taken out in the woods and a bullet put in his head. no trial, no nothin. lets save the taxpayers some scratch. it seems like nobody has a good thing to say about him ....except for.......mrs. dinwiddie (or should we call her dimwittie. this knucklehead says that this killing was justified. oh, why cant we be like the eskimoes. when one of their old folks starts talking crazy they put them out on a ice floe and let nature take its course. this woman may be retarded. obviously her family doesnt want her around or she wouldnt be out protesting abortion clinics.
so i'm sure that scott roeder and mrs dimwitted think they are great christians (and maybe they are) and thats why i dont like to be called a christian. this cant be what god intended and if it is why would anyone whos sane want to be involved in it. this doctor helped women out when no one else would. he started this when his father turned down a woman and she died during a back alley abortion (i'm sure you good christians think thats gods will too). he said his lifes story would be written by the woman he helped.
by the way roeder dont think your better than he was. he did late term abortions and you aborted him in 152nd trimester. oh, and mrs dimwitted, your not off the hook think he was justified. i can only hope there is a special place in hell for both of you.


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