Sunday, March 21, 2010


ok kids, lets discuss health care.

point 1. americas health care is screwed up. dont agree? then you aint paying attention. we are just about the only industrialized country that doesnt view good health care as a human right. now i know you say that its socialized but lets be frank so is your police and fire department. those agencies are run by your government....arent they? you never question that. it is a shame and a blight on this country that people go to bed here every night and are sick and cant get care. whos to blame?.........

point 2. insurance companies are to blame. i cant be any more clear than that. its all their fault. now i work in sales and i am all for making a profit but these companies are gouging us. they gladly take your money when youm are well and throw you under the bus as soon as you get sick. they are pieces of shit and thjey have bought up alot of congressmen and women. there is nothing wrong with the government controlling healthcare. they control social security and the checks are always on time. we are told that this is going to cost us in taxes but we are already paying that money in bloated premiums so whats the difference. the difference ....oh....that would be that everyone can get healthcare. i know thats a crazy idea but i think the time has come.

point 3. doctors hate this plan. bullshit. my pediatrician has had forms to call your congressman for years. they cant wait for this to go through. the money they spend having to track down these insurance companies is ridiculous. doctors might not be donald trump rich unsder this plan but they would still be in the top 1% of earners. every docvctor i have spoken too is in favor of it.

point 4. it doesnt work other places. again bullshit. every canadian i have ever spoken to loves their healthcare. we here that canadians are flocking to this country to have surgery but i have never met a canadian who has or even knows someone who has. this is all lies made up by the insurance companies to scare you. i spoke to a canadian man who had his knee replaced not two weeks ago. he didnt have to wait. it cost him $40. i know, $40 seems extreme but he wanted a private room. if not for that it would have been free. his words were, and i quote," the canadian healthcare system is set up to serve the people, the american system is seet up to make a profit regardless of the people".

i hope it goes through. its about time america joined the real world.

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