Thursday, September 28, 2006

And now in some vatican news.......

those crazy guys at the vatican are at it again. they blame extremists for giving religion a bad name. they dislike the fact that extremists are using their faith as a pretext for attacks. first let me start with the fact that extremists are vastican speak for muslims. sure they may be beating around the bush but i can see it. those crazy muslims , killing nuns, burning churches....etc. why do they have to tarnish religion with their acts. cant they be like the vatican and just abuse children and gays and abortion doctors and jews.....etc. that has worked for centuries for the vatican. whats wrong with the old tried and true ideas. dont reinvent the wheel muslims. isnt it better to go to third world nations and tell uneducated people that make six bucks a year to have twenty kids than all this war. they should meet with the pope.....who better to explain concentration camps than a man who worked in them. learn from the best is my motto.

those crazy guys also just excommunicated an african archbishop for thoughts unbecoming the church. see he thinks priests should be allowed to marry. see you used to have married priests but they became so corrupt by passing the job and church property on to their kids and seeling church property that the church banned priests being married around the 14th century. see rather than drum them out as should happen the church made so rules and left them in place (sounds familiar doesnt it). seems the vatican is saying that he was excommunicated because he was "spreading division and confusion among the faithful" and he was guilty of "irregularity and of progressively open rupture of communion with the church". god forbid he act progressively. he should just go back and tell his dirt poor, aids ridden, starving congregation that their lot in life is gods have some more ...i mean kids.

i know i have said this before. there is a very thin line between muslim extremists and christian extremists. killing a nun because you dont agree with her religion is awfully close to shooting an abortion doctor because of his occupation. maybe religion is getting a bad name, not because of muslims (though they have alot to do with it), but with the hypocrisy of all religions. if you are going to preach peace and tolerance then you cant kill people who dont follow your beliefs completely. you cant be intolerant to people who dont completely agree with the lifestyle you preach. you cant have it both ways. your either loving and acceptant to others no matter if they believe what you do or not or your just like those bad muslims we see on tv.

let me know what you folks think. otherwise enjoy your thursday.


BAC said...

You make a lot of good points (as usual)! Just don't tar every one with the same brush (as you also sometimes do)!

Anonymous said...

"you cant be intolerant to people who dont completely agree with the lifestyle you preach"

So people who preach freedom should be tolerant to the fanatics who want to kill us because their religion tells them to?

You seem to be very intolerant of religion yourself.

shoes said...

first, dont come in anonymous. it reaks of you being a pussy.

second, thats not at all what i said. if you had taken the time to read the whole post (i'm banking on your being able to read...oh well) and if you had the ability to comprehend the written word you would see that what i wrote was that you cant preach tolerance while being intolerant. its a double standard jackass. what i am writing is that there is a very thin line between christians and muslims when you get to the fundamentalist stage.

third, i am intolerant of religion BUT i never claimed to have an overabundance of tolerance as you can see by my complete lack of tolerance to your assinine comments

now please go fuck yourself