Monday, April 30, 2007

My nfl draft coverage.......

as usual it was boring. its so overdone now its scary. with that being said there was nobody who thrilled me this year. the steelers had a really odd draft.....but who am i. with a need for linebackers, defensive linemen and offensive linemen, a fast receiver and a back up running back the steelers got.....a tight end and a punter. we did draft a linebacker in the first round but the experts are really torn over this guy. some say he has infinite upside and others say there is a great possibility to go bust. my opinion: he has a very high ceiling to go along with a very deep floor...we will see. we also drafted a defensive end which we will try to turn into a linebacker. we failed at this before but the steelers are nothing if not persistent.
now to understand the third pick you must know that despite not using the tight end the steelers drafted one in the first round two years ago. a very good one too and we still dont use him. well then this is the perfect time to draft another.
the punter , in the fourth round. ok, we needed a punter..ours sucks but we traded up to get him and gave up a draft choice. we shall see.
we got an unknown d-lineman and an unknown o-lineman in the next two rounds.
finally , in a draft deep in name receivers, we pick up an unknown in the seventh round.

at best this draft get a c grade and thats counting on some things to happen from some unknowns. good luck. the only thing that saves them is that it looks like nobody in the division did anything great. cleveland got a great tackle but paid dearly for what will end up a very average qb.

one last thing. this will prove if bill bellichek is the greatest coach ever or just lucky. he has built a team based on versatility and want to. this is all chemistry and who does he pick up...randy moss. he is a team cancer. he destroys teams and coaches wherever he roams. i know what your saying..he was in oakland and they didnt stand a chance to win so he wasnt motivated. i'm not buying it. if they dance into the super bowl on brady to moss touchdowns then you can call me out and i will admit i was wrong....i'm just not ready to admit it yet.

thats it everyone...back to work. this is shoes...over and out....

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