Thursday, February 01, 2007

I'm laughing at boston.............

Boston Officials Livid Over Ad Stunt.............

yes this is the headline on my computer. seems the cartoon network wanted to advertise their show called aqua teen hunger force. in their attempt to advertise they placed some lite brites around in about nine different cities. ha ha , you got us, what fun. thats what was being said in all the cities.......except boston. boston went insane and just about shut down the city. it seems the marketing company hired to place these is called Interference Inc. and to say the least they lived up to their name. when you hire a company named interference inc. dont be suprised when they interfere. that seems to be what they do best.
in a half assed apology from the cartoon network phil kent, turner chairman, said We apologize to the citizens of Boston that part of a marketing campaign was mistaken for a public danger,". read between the lines everyone. hes saying they are sorry that the officials in boston overreacted. no other city had a problem.
the city of boston wants everyone involved with the hoax to be strung up by their balls. relax boston went into a look foolish. get over it. lets be honest , you've done alot of foolish things. boston is kind of known for it. your mayor is a joke. he wants the fcc to pull the license from the cartoon network. oh well......good times

back to work you bums (especially those from boston who screwed off yesterday for no good reason). you dont want the boys from aqua teen hunger force mad at you.


mark said...

Just another day in the Peoples Republic of Massachusetts.

Mo at the bar, "Is there a Mr. Pid here. Mr. Stu Pid? Hey, any of you guy know a Stu Pid person?"

curmudgeon said...

And Ted's going to foot the bill. Now that's a hoot.

Probably raise the cable rates though.

Ryan said...

Thats about the 10th post I have read on what happened... but probably the best one. Very good.

Funny how the city officials stirred the media into a feeding frenzy - and then they fed off each other.


ccw said...

I laughed so hard when I first read about this. I tihnk it's hysterical that the "devices" had been there for weeks and were plentiful in other cities.