Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Super bowl insanity

if you have never had the pleasure of living in a city whos team is in the super bowl then you have missed some odd things. as i have pointed out in previous posts pittsburgh has some issues when dealing with football. to say that we take football a little too seriously is akin to saying that paris hilton might be a little confused by the dewey decimal system. the nightly news has gone crazy. we now get the weather forecast from detriot before we get the one from pittsburgh. no matter what happens in the world news from detroit comes first. the pregame show in pittsburgh started about eight o'clock on saturday. want to wear black and gold to work but your company doesnt allow that? go online and download a permission slip from the county commissioner. there are fly by night guys showing up on every street corner selling bootleg t-shirts, car flags, stickers.......etc.etc.etc. you will be hard pressed to find a restaraunt open after 5:30 this sunday. with all thisa said i love it. i have missed this feeling and would love to have it every year. it makes me feel sorry for people in arizona that have never had a winning team.

ok enough of this chat. i have to rip off a scathing letter to the editor of the post gazette. everyone else....back to work.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Ongoing trouble in the big city......

pittsburgh probably isnt any more screwed up than alot of american cities but its still screwed up and heres some reasons why. the city is in financial trouble and has been for awhile. some reasons for that are.....
1. our former mayor tom murphy. he bought the last election (the last i heard the government was looking into tom on this) by giving certain unions great contracts. the firemen in this city have what amounts to a no-cut contract. while the police have had to lay off officers and beg men to take an early retirement the firemen have no worries.
2. overtime. due to understaffing because of hiring freezes and some alledged shady dealings the city is paying out a bundle in overtime. the city charter says that the mayor is supposed to be the highest paid employee but last year our mayor was the 143rd highest paid employee.
the new mayor seems to want to fix this problem. its better to have two people making 50k than one making 100k. i tend to agree. lets hope he can do it. this is the other end of the union spectrum. i believe in unions because it protects wages and jobs. without unions we would all be working at wal-mart for minimum wage. without unions companies would just screw the worker without any fear of backlash. why do you think wal-mart closed a store in canada as soon as a pro-union vote was taken but then unions go overboard like the firemen in this city. dont get me wrong i think firemen do a wonderful job. its a tough vocation that i wouldnt want to do and we should all thank god every day that there are men willing to run into a burning building to save us but their union sold out the city and the other unions (see the police).

ok, i've ranted enough for one day...get to work.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Beam me up scotty..............

bill shatners selling his kidney stone on ebay. you think those trekkies are going nuts. thats way better than seeing his bloated corpse at some convention. kimmel said it best. its the ultimate star trek collectable. its like owning a dilithium crystal. you better buy quick folks because theres not much left of bill. his pride and dignity were sold off years ago. the devil got his soul in exchange for giving such a no talent hack a long career. listen to the others from star trek and you can see he was never given any compassion. now dont get me wrong, i like bill. hes a great guest on stern. denny crane might be the best character on tv right now (though i'm not convinced hes even acting there...thats really bill). that part was made for him but who the hell sells something like that on ebay. maybe his mom needs an operation. maybe the devil requires a little more. who knows? i'd put an offer in but with my luck i'd win. who the hell wants that? what the hell would i do with that in a jar on my mantel.

gotta run kids, i need to illegally wiretap some phones for our president.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Gonzales defends wiretapping, no shit......

attorney general alberto gonzales argued that the requirements of a secret intelligence court are too cumbersome for a rapid pursuit of suspected terrorists, repeating the administrations position that warrentless wiretapping authorized by president bush does not violate the constitution or federal law. let me say it again....no shit. who didnt see that coming. he was hand picked for the job by dubya. do you think that was because he had different opinions and that dubya enjoys the witty debate the have over pressing issues? people who didnt see that the patriot act was just going to erode your rights are beginning to see the light. and who would expect the man assigned to legally protect the constitution to actually do it. the constitution is a really neat idea until bush wants to step all over it. the patriot act (while it seems like a good idea) is just a way to steal our rights from us. there is a man who has been held without legal representation, without seeing his family, without being charged...all of which are our rights. this is the stuff that this country was founded upon and this administration has just ignored it. there are no checks and balances right now. the republicans have the presidency, congress and soon will have the supreme court.

oh well, someone tell me how to fix it until then keep working.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

A football town with a drinking problem.........

ok, pittsburgh takes its football seriously. maybe.....a little too seriously. seems a teacher at an area high school went a little overboard when one of his students wore a denver broncos shirt to school last friday. the kid expected to get some shit from other students but then the teacher chimed in. when the kid (who by the way is an honor student) came into class the teacher (according to the student) wouldnt let him sit at a desk. the teacher said he owned the desk and the kid couldnt sit there. he made the kid sit on the floor in the middle of all the students. the kid had to lay on the carpet and do his TEST. that wasnt enough. the teacher then handed out paper to everyone in the class and told them to pelt the kid with wads of paper....while he did his test. one girl said she wouldnt do that and the teacher picked up the paper he gave her and hit the kid in the back of the head with it. now this is the kids story and we havent heard the teachers version but because he hasnt come out and said this is complete bullshit it leads me to believe that he did it. i'm sure he thought it was all in good fun but he went too far. the kid said he couldnt finish the test because he was shaking with rage. that teachers lucky this kid isnt some trenchcoat wearing psycho that can get his hand on a gun. this also goes to the point of picking on a kid because hes different. you want to know where kids learn this.......well, look at this kid and maybe as parents we should all look in the mirror. the kid knew he would get some shit from other kids but a free thinker like this was prepared for that...knowing that he would see these kids later in life as he passed them in the middle but of course in america these days you dont want free thinkers. god forbid a kid have an original thought. i'm not saying this kid would cure cancer some day but this type of thinking is what will hold ameriva back. in a follow up that isnt free thinking (and you all knew this was coming) his parents have hired a lawyer. this kid might get a free college education because of this idiot teacher. hey, the bottom line is ...if this teacher did it then he better start apologizing quickly and sincerely or he should be fired.

i rant, therefore i am......now get workin.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Criminal goes splat................

pittsburgh has alot of problems. one being that we took prime riverfront property and built the jail there. not just any jail but an 18 story high rise jail......right on the waterfront. sure its stupid but it does have some advantages. seems one of the convicts, who was placed on the top floor because he was an escape risk, decided he had enough of the accomodations. the convict pried off a special security window, pushed away a heavy metal screen and pried away a vertical metal bar to get out the window. sheets were tied together but it seems he didnt work on his grip enough and 187 feet later......well......as the title of this blog implies......splat. i'm sure that relatives of this convict will be sueing somebody very soon but lets just say that he had it coming. the best you can say is that this might not have been his most well thought out escape plan. i guess you cant please everyone. he had a high rise apartment, on the river with a view. oh well. its one mistake that worked out well in the end.

keep your windows closed and get workin.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Your in steelers country now................

you had to know this post was coming. her we go steelers, here we go. right to detroit. ok, so detroit sucks but what are you going to do. sundays game was a masterpiece of football beauty. the steelers controlled on both offense and defense. they never took their foot off of the broncos throats. on off ense it all started with the qb. he played, not like a second year kid, but like a seasoned veteran. ben is going to make people forget about marino, elway and montana before hes done. we might not have the prototypical number one reciever but we got five number twos...and that aint bad. ben completed passes to seven different receivers. they looked like waterbugs scampering through denvers secondary, pulling in passes and sustaining drives. the line held up like blocks of granite...even when the vaunted denver blitz came. no pressure = picked apart. at one point the steelers were 10 of 12 on third down.....that says it all. on defense it was like men playing with boys. the broncos couldnt run and they couldnt pass. that doesnt bode well for your winning percentage. the broncos with their two 1000 yard rushers couldnt get 100 yards total on the ground yesterday. they went over twenty minutes without a first down. the steelers blitzes did work and jake (the rattled snake) plummer was sacked a number of times and ducked out of at least four more. lelie caught a couple of nice balls once the game was over and the steelers were laying back but the rest of their receivers did nothing. turnovers....we got em and they didnt.

this team was primed for this run. the last five games of the year were like playoff games. they got healthy and gelled at the right time. they are the first team to win three away games to make the super bowl and ben will be the second youngest qb to start the game. lookm at this team roethlisberger and polamalu are both in their second years.....this team will be good for a long time. isnt it nice that bettis will get a chance to win the super bowl in his hometown in what will probably be his last year. its also a chance for cowher to get the monkey off of his back about winning the big game. this team has exercised alot of its demons this year.

alright lets get to work

Friday, January 20, 2006

Things you dont report...........

in cincinnati a pizza delivery man says he was assaulted by " five very young girls". he, the 21 year old pizza guy, says they were waiting for him when he showed up and tried to take the pizza from him. they ended up knocking him to the ground. ok, nobody like to be assaulted....but.....there is no way a guy reports this ever. he is immediately a sissy. actually i would love to be assaulted by five young girls. i hope they are still wearing their cheerleader outfits when they do it. they could take me as long as they were gentle. there is no way this story should get out unless it starts with "dear penthouse, i never thought that this would happen to me" and ends with "name and address withheld by request". guys will understand what that means (and so will some of you ladies....and thats hot).

there are other things you shouldnt say because they get reported like "i want to turn my city into a chocolate city". thats a stupid thing to say. things like "god gave (a countries leader, a terrorist, your enemy.....etc) a (stroke, heartattack, restless sleep...etc) because he (split up gods land, hes gay, he dates your daughter....etc)" those always seem to come back and bite you on your ass. the guys whos sueing antonio davis's wife for assault should ask his friends if thats a smart move. the friends should explain that getting in court and admitting a woman (scares you, can kick your ass....etc)isnt a wise move. that guys buying drinks at the bar forever.

alright i've made fun of enough people for a whole week, now its back to work and let me add .......GO STEELERS.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

New orleans is really screwed...............

ok, i was really indifferent to mayor ray naggins. i didnt blast him for the debacle in new orleans because well, what would any of us have done when we saw our city swept out to see. he seemed to be doing the best he could under horrible circumstances. he seemed rather intelligent to me and i had hope that he would pull that city together but then he had to go and spout off on a religious rant. at as mlk gathering he said that god might be punishing new orleans because god is mad at the usa over the war in iraq. god also might be mad at blacks because of social problems in the black community. ok ray, are you insane? can anyone actually believe that any god worth his weight would act like that. its nature ray. it happens. new orleans has been hit with hurricanes before and will again. it has nothing to do with the usa or blacks or muslims or the price of gas or.....well, anything. i hate people who use god as an excuse. this is the kind of thinking that is dragging this country down. no use trying to wrap our feeble little minds around a concept like science when you can use the all-purpose god excuse. just look in the mirror at your head and think to yourself "well, i wont be needing this anymore". if what the mayor is saying is true then god is a very petty ....well......god and if its true then why isnt there a shitstorm in the mid-east where it seems like there is a high concentration of douche bags. i dont know, maybe its me but i seem to give god a little more credit that the religious right. could it be that i'm a better christian? i am a reverend. the bigger question would be "do i want that to get out"?

ok, back to work. when i speak to god i'll ask him who hes mad at so we can get a line on where the next natural disaster will occur.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Rick santorum takes on freedom of the press......

in a speech last week at valley forge military academy rick santorum, national dickhead, blasted the media for reporting the number of american military deaths in iraq. apparently the war going poorly is hurting his party and hes mad. how dare they reporrt what is actually going on. what were those liberals thinking when they upheld one of our rights. dont they know it just inflames our enemies. this isnt like our government putting false reports on iraqi tv....this is america. quit reporting the on the war and start slamming gays like your supposed to. rick strikes me as the guy at nuremberg who sttod up and said "what about all the good things hitler did". rick should stay away from the constitution and stick to what he knows....vacilating on issues to get his numbers back. the only way he doesnt lose the next election is if the democrats in this state start putting up too many candidates and split up the vote....which is what it looks like they are doing. see the democrat front runner is from western pa and all the folks in philadelphia dont think they are going to get their share of pork. cmon dems , get it together. lets get santorum (or as we like to call him hitler jr.) out of office. i'm tired of paying a salary for someone who doesnt represent me in any way. actually all rick represents is his own beliefs (thats if dubya allows him to). hes a pawn of the religious right and will sell his soul to the highest bidder. remember this is the guy who got a big campaign contribution from accu-weather and then started a bill to disband the national weather service. hes got to go. sooner rather than later.

you've read, you now know and now you can work.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Must be harder than it looks............

maybe i dont put enough effort into this blog. i look at other blogs. some are worse...most are better. i guess i never looked at this blog as hard work but maybe it is. maybe i'm really good at this and it just comes easily to me. i come to this conclusion after so many bloggers are calling it quits. grampapinhead and madison have chucked it in and the blogosphere is less for it. they were great blogs but apparently they spent too much time on writing it or coming up with ideas or whatever. blogging shouldnt be work. i enjoy doing this. it doesnt seem like work to me but honestly work doesnt seem like work to me.

along these same lines a guy in pittsburgh had a heart attack during the steeler game when jerome bettis fumbled. holy christ, how into the game are you? what did you bet on this game? your house? your kids? they interviewed this guy on the news and all he talked about was the game....nothing about the heart attack. he did mention that he had a history of heart problems so a drinking in a smoky bar was probably the best thing for him. luckily for him two firefighters were in the bar and performed cpr until the paramedics got there. they had to shock the guy five times (count'em five times) befire his heart would restart. he intends to watch the next game at home this weekend. i'll post his obit on monday.

get to work. you've wasterd too much time here already.

Monday, January 16, 2006

One horse down, one to go............

you read it here last monday when i explained why the steelers would win. did you believe me? well? oh how the hell would i know, you probably didnt. no one did. nobody gave the steelers a chance in hell of winning this game. not against the vaunted colts. those bastions of offensive trickery have had everyone scared all year ....that is until san diego came to town. the blueprint was laid for how to beat the colts. with a little pressure peyton manning is a very average quarterback. he was dancing in the pocket like he was getting lessons from arthur murray. he never looked comfortable. its unbelievable from someone who should be enshrined in canton immediately. did marvin harrison even play. i hardly heard his name called. the only time you heard his name was when manning overthrew him. i know the colts entire offensive line should be in the por bowl and it looks like they went to hawaii before yesterdays game. they had no answer to the blitz package. as for calls for de-fense, de-fense they might as well have been yelling de-caf, de-caf. they got pounded. our wide recievers pounded on them, our backs pounded on them and the offensive line pounded on them. they really had no chance. so even though the refs tried to give the game to the clots they couldnt beat the steelers. officiating in the nfl is a joke. if polamalu didnt catch that ball then nobody has ever caught a ball. the replay took forever but people forget that it takes some time to invent a new rule to help the home team. it was nice to watch the colts crying in their locker room after the game. it was nice of peyton to throw the offensive line under the bus. his words...."i confess, they did it". of course he did preface that by saying he was trying to be a good teammate.

i said it would take an almost perfect game by the steelers...and they came through. the game wasnt as close as the score would lead you to believe. having not played a meaningful game in almost a month the colts proved that rust never sleeps. now its off to denver to decide which team will have the honor of kicking the shit out of the nfc representitive. this should be a good old fashioned knock em down and drag em out kind of game.

Friday, January 13, 2006

A movie turned me gay...............

ok, theaters in utah and washington arent going to show the film "brokeback mountain". i understand utah but not washington. utah is full of mormon inbred polygamists that are worried that they wont be able to stay away from a movie about gay cowboys and would, in all likelihood, out themselves. the theater in salt lake city (power base of gay mormons) cancelled the first viewing two hours before it was to be seen because....get this........the owner just found out what the movie was about. what, is he living in a hole (or a closet as the case may be). there has been buzz on this movie for a year. seems to me like the religious right scared him. the theater had no problem showing other r rated movies like grandmas boy and the hostel, but alas, they didnt have gay cowboys. i'm always amazed that young people arent running screaming from utah.

in a similar crazy religious item how many times are the muslims going to stampede on the way to mecca. this seems to happen every year. this year 345 people were killed when they got stampeded. you just dont hear about that here (other than a who concert). you really have to go back to the times of cowboys and cattle. i guess god is calling you back to mecca and he doesnt care that you trampled someone to death. what a thin line between the muslims (which we all badmouth) and the religious right in this country.

gotta run kids, i'm banning brokeback mountain in my neighbors house.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Islamic law, santorums dream...........

an egyptian cleric's controversial fatwa claiming that nudity during sexual intercourse invalidates a marriage has spaked a rift among islamic scholars. well, no shit. according to the religious edict issued by rashad hassan khalil, a former dean of al-azhar university's faculty of sharia (or islamic law to you and me), "being completely naked during the act of coitus annuls the marriage". this might be an indictment on the beauty of mid-eastern women. dont be looking for playboys "the women of al-azhar university" spread anythime soon. this has tearing up the airwaves in the mid-east and during a live televised debate, islamic scholar abdel muti dismissed the fatwa: "nothing is prohibited during marital sex, except of course sodomy" (a bad break for camels everywhere). for his part al-azhars fatwa committee chairman abdullah megawar (megawar......get it) argued that married couples could see each other naked but should not look at each others genitalia and suggested that they cover up with a blanket during sex. again i will say that we should leave the mid-east immediately, leaving behind computers, penthouse magazines, xboxes, pepsi and twinkies. let those kids get a taste of life and they wont give a shit about any fatwa. trust me if a kid can see claudia schiffer naked hes going to be staring at her genitalia and there wont be any sheet over him while he rubs one out. this does strike me as just what rick santorum and his friends are trying to acheive in this country. nothing represses women like some good old time religion and men.

well i have to run. rick santorum and i are deciding how to get all women to wear burkas.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Will the religious right never learn.......

when things get slow you can always count on our favorite religious kook pat robertson to liven things up. pat has piped up and said ariel sharon's stroke was gods wrath. it was divine punishment for "dividing gods land". robertson said "god considers this land to be his. you read the bible and he says 'this is my land' and for any prime minister of israel who decides he is going to carve it up and giver it away, god says, 'no this is mine'". he also linked it too the assassination of yitzhak rabin. way to shit on the peace process pat. only pat robertson would think that trying to acheive peace would piss god off. pat robertson has a political agenda for the entire world, and he seems to think god is ready to take out any world leader who stands in the way of that agenda. his arrogance and insensitivity is matched only by our current administration.

and in a real stunner an oklahoma pastor, who has spoken out against homosexuality, was arrested for propostioning a male undercover cop. rev. lonnie latham, 59, said he was set up. he was just in the area pastoring to police. pastoring huh? so thats what they call it these days. looks like lonnie would like to administer his own sacrament to some males. maybe he wants to baptise a few of them. nice job lonnie

well i have to go and impose my moral beliefs on others.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Rick santorum- national dickhead.........

rick santorum joined conservative christian leaders at a black church in philadelphia on sunday during something called justice sunday III. this little get together is broadcast over christian broadcast stations and church telecasts to point out that the country is slipping away from them because of "liberal activist judges". you might remember the liberal activist judges. they're the people who think you still have rights. they think that the religious right doesnt own the rights to everything moral because they read a book of fiction (the bible). santorum said "extreme liberal judges are destroying traditional morality and creating a new moral code". hey rick, no one wants you to change your morals. no one is inviting you to the orgy just dont imprint your morals on me. one of his buddies on the dias was rev herbert h lusk who leads something called greater exodus. in the spirit of christians beating down everyone and everything who dont agree with them he railed against gay marriage, abortion and what he termed as christian-bashing, and warned that those who trifle with "people of god will face consequences. "dont fool with the church" said rev lusk "because the chirch has buried many a critic, and all the critics we have not buried, we are making funeral arangements for". yes ,rev lusk, the church has buried many a critic. the inquisition was a real win for christianity. anyone get the feeling that rev lusk is done debating and ready for a good crucifiction or, even better, burning someone at the stake. these men along with jerry falwell were there to expound the virtues of judge alito and pray for his confirmation. thats all i need to know about judge alito. i pray that he doesnt get in because of these men. with men of this quality standing behind him the country doesnt need him.

keep your religion out of my life and i'll stay out of your church.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Steeler monday................

who dey? we dey. thats who.

ok, i would have much rather the steelers beat the bengals with carson palmer but a win is a win. the game was chippy from the start but that was not a cheap shot on palmer. it was unfortunate..........but not cheap. i dont know if the outcome would have been different but it would have been a different game. the loss wasnt kitnas fault regardless of what all the comment boards in bengalland say. kitna is actually a known steeler killer. that being said the steeler defense took it to the bengals in the second half. as our linemen drove the bengal guards back into kitnas lap the secondary had their recievers covered like a rug. kitna was running for his life and still couldnt find anyone open. big ben played a great game. only 19 passes but they all meant something. last year he was played out by the time the playoffs rolled around but this year is different. hes a leader. i guess the bungles will have to wait another year to claim the afc north.

now comes indy. we played indy on a monday night with a makeshift offensive line, big ben coming back after being out three weeks and still not healthy and a depleted linebacker corp. they still didnt run up a huge score on the steelers. they got an early lead but settled for alot of field goals. the steelers couldnt run because of the line and ben had to pass alot and indy tee'd off on him. ok, marvel smith is back. he isnt a rookie. we will run on indy and that will set up the play action pass. look for ben to have a better game than the first time. on defense, farrior and porter are healthy. the secondary has had that much more time. indy's starters have had three weeks off. this sets up as the right time to get the colts. dont get me wrong, the steelers will have to play their best game and the colts will have to give some up, but it can be done. the pats have owned them and the steelers need to take a page out of their playbook.

i hope palmer comes back, he and ben should war for years.

Friday, January 06, 2006

First murder of the year............

it didnt take long for animals in the burg to kill one another this year. scum bags beat a guy to death with a brick. actually its hard to tell in this one who the scum bags are. the dead guy is a relative of our new mayor elect. he apparently quit high school football to take up boxing. thinking he was a tough guy he jumped out of his car at some perceived slight and got his head caved in. his parents said that he couldnt have been the aggressor because thats not in him (you know how calm those boxers are). of course on the other hand the parents of the four boys that were arrested are standing behind their children (after seeing what they did to that kid behind them is safest) and saying that their children were only defending themselves but do you look at your little baby differently now that he killed someone. i'm sure the truth lies safely in the middle of the two sides but i wonder if his friends think that it was worth it now.

i like the steelers this weekend because they are hot at the right time and healthy at the right time. the first time we played cincy, at cincy, we were healthy and ran all over them. we controlled the ball and gave them a good old fashioned beat down. in the second game ,in the burg, the o-line was injured and the steelers couldnt run. we had to go into a shootout with cincy and big ben got intercepted three times and still cincy won by a touchdown. well, the o-line is healthy now and the backs are healthy and cincy's defense has played like a sieve lately. i think those factors combined with the fact that only ten bungles have playoff expirence (only five of those guys start) and the fact that the reports out of cincy say that the team is so tight that if they swallowed some coal today they would shit a diamond about game time will lead to a steeler victory. 35-13 steelers...thats the prediction.

back to work guys. we can talk again monday.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Vacation in iraq, why not..............

nice job douche bag. got some extra cash? lets take a trip to iraq without telling the folks. seems like an intelligent thing to do. this kid is no rocket scientist. first the news is filled with all the horrors going on over there. what was he thinking? was he only going to the nice spots in iraq? are there any nice spots in iraq? and you know how those people are known for their hospitality toward americans. i dont need to see any more videos of beheadings to tell me i'm not going there on vacation. that kid should have played the lottery. he used up all his good luck in one swoop. his parents should have just smiled for the camera and then beat his ass as soon as the front door closed. and finally, what makes this kid think he can understand their suffering by being there for a weekend. hey ghandi, your an american. sure you may be a little darker complected than some of the rest of us but they will kill you just the same. you want to help with the suffering, do it here. this country needs some help too. had he gotten himself killed this country would have been up in arms...but he would have deserved it.

ok, i got to run. i'm booking my vacation to bosnia right now.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006


i always feel bad when i see a story like the one going on now about trapped miners. its especially bad this time of year but it does lead me to wonder about some things like why do we still have miners. this job has hung on since the middle ages....with not alot of increases in safety. cant we find a way to have robots do that. some jobs faded out with time (like being a knight)and we found another way to do the job. heres another idea. if you live in west virginia and this isnt a commercial to keep in school and go to college then you deserve to be buried two miles down. if your thinking of quitting school and your only job prospect is miner....then start crackin those books. for christs sake the jobs at mcdonalds have got to look better than this. the fuckin army reserves is safer. could there ever be a kid whos dream is to grow up and climb down two miles into the earth and dig around for coal. if we must use coal and we must dig it up isnt it about time we find a better way to get it out. now it seems as though someone jumped the gun and told these families that the miners were found alive only to tell them three hours later that they were dead. i have no idea how this happened. i'm sure someone didnt do that on purpose but that someone is going to be crucified now. this has got to be a front runner for the strangest story of 2006.

ok, i've got to run. i'm having my armor polished.

Back from the edge................

well, its my first post since before xmas....so here goes.

let me just start by saying that xmas was great as always. i bought my own gifts, wrapped them and then opened them with great suprise on xmas day. its always great to hear my kids ask their mother what they got me as i open the gift labeled from them.

anyone who stayed up and saw dick clarks rockin new years eve had to be saddened by the fact that dick clark is finally old. his slurring of words were sad (sure i laughed and made jokes about it)and at times i couldnt understand what he was saying but then again i only watch the show to see what the young broads are wearing. that being said mariah carey looked hot. the other rappers in her group are wearing fur coats and shes running around with a dress that barely covered her ass and those gigantic fake boobs hanging out. people say shes fat but i think shes great. my wife did point out that the gigantic boobs are fake....who cares. they're magnificent. it also points out that ryan seacrest is gay. he couldnt get away from her fast enough. i guess that being in the studio with all the guys around is more of his element.

well, i have to get to work. i am waist deep in work after taking a week off.